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  • Issue #2076

ARGENTINA: Argentina’s Economy Minister Segio Massa and the leader of the far-right Liberty Advances party, Javier Milei have advanced to the 2nd round of the Argentine presidential election. Massa received 36.5 per cent of the votes, Milei got 30.09 per cent after 94.54 per cent of the votes were counted. The second round is scheduled for 19th November. Last Sunday more than 35.8 million Argentinians went to the polls to elect president, vice-president, 130 deputies, 24 senators and 43 representatives of Parlasur (the Mercosur Parliament). According to the country’s electoral laws, the presidency is won by whoever obtains 45 per cent of the votes or, alternatively, 40 per cent in case there is a difference of at least 10 points with respect to the second place. [Parlasur is the parliamentary institution of the Mercosur trade bloc. It is composed of 81 MPs, 18 from each member state of the bloc – Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay – and 9 from applying member Venezuela. Associate members – Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru – may have seats in the parliament, but with no voting power].

INDIA: Nearly 90 per cent of rough diamonds in the world are cut and polished in India. The western state of Gujarat accounts for more than half of the overall trade and around 10 million people are associated with the diamond industry. They are facing an ‘existential crisis’ in the wake of the G7 club of rich countries’ intention to restrict trade in diamonds originating from Russia as part of anti-Russia sanctions. Almost 30 per cent of the diamonds imported to India are of Russian origin. President of the Diamond Workers Union Gujarat said that around 2.5 million workers, most of them belonging to economically-weaker backgrounds are ‘directly associated with the cut and polishing trade.’ The shutdown of workshops has already pushed some workers to suicide.

BRITAIN: Labour trounced the Tories in two by-elections. A union organiser and a Greenpeace activist won seats in the Commons, overturning huge Conservative majorities. Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said: “Winning in these Tory strongholds shows that people overwhelmingly want change and they’re ready to put their faith in our changed Labour Party to deliver it.”

MIDDLE EAST: The Chinese People’s Liberation Army has stationed six warships in the Middle East. The 44th naval escort has been in Oman for routine joint operations since May. The ships include a guided missile destroyer, an integrated supply ship, and a frigate. Meanwhile, the US has sent its ships to the region ‘to protect US interests there,’ according to John Kirby, National Security Council spokesperson. “The president as commander-in-chief is going to do what he has to do to look after [US] national security interests,” said Kirby. The Dwight D Eisenhower carrier strike group is on route to the region. The US Mount Whitney’s deployment was also announced.

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