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Shame Albo Shame!

Saturday’s 28 October rally for Palestine in Boorloo/Perth.

Saturday’s 28 October rally for Palestine in Boorloo/Perth. Photo: Vinnie Molina.

People in the tens of thousands around the world continue to rally for Palestine. In Australia, demonstrations around the main capital cities brought thousands of people on the streets on both Saturday and Sunday in demand for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire.

In Boorloo/Perth around 2000 people condemned the Israeli government for their war crimes against the Gazan people. For three weeks Israel has broken international laws by an indiscriminate bombardment and strengthening its 16 years long blockade of Gaza. It cut off water, electricity, and all communications to the outside world. These actions are deemed crimes against humanity.

Local Palestinian speakers told the crowd their relatives were being killed by Israeli bombs. One of the speakers shared the pain of losing his sister and her children last Saturday 21st October. Thousands have been killed, victims of the irrational attacks, which amount to an act of genocide.

The fury against the Albanese government was obvious, as it stands with Israel, stating that “it had the right to defend itself.” The crowd loudly joined in calling Shame Albo Shame!

People wonder what else we can expect from a government who abstained in the United Nations General Assembly on a Resolution endorsed by 120 countries asking for a humanitarian ceasefire. The signs are already showing that a heavy political cost will be exacted from the ALP government from the broad community. Shame Albo Shame, you’ll be on the wrong side of history!

Australia has chosen the side of the oppressor in these very crucial times in which the Palestinian people who have lived under occupation for more than 50 years and a cruel blockade enforced for more than 16 years in the case of Gaza. Shame Albo Shame!

Late on Saturday evening there were indications that a ceasefire could progress conditions for an exchange of prisoners from both sides. It is urgent to stop the genocide and to end the criminal occupation.

The communities mourn the loss of lives, as war is not the answer. The only possible option for a political solution is a ceasefire, urgent humanitarian aid and the recognition of an independent Palestinian state to end 75 years since the catastrophe that began in 1948.

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