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Gaza: End the slaughter

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Zimm Shipping Rally.

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An open letter to PM Albanese and Foreign Minister Wong

Prime Minister/Foreign Minister,

You, as the representatives of the people of Australia, talk on our behalf about the right of Israel to “defend itself.” But the people you represent are on the streets expressing support for the Palestinians and their rights.

You are telling the people of Australia that Israel is not breaking international law.

Are the following actions legal? Are they in self-defence?

The slaughter of more than 14,000 innocent Palestinians, 70 per cent of them women and children.

  • An estimated 6000 victims or more trapped under rubble.
  • The arbitrary incarceration of 9000 Palestinians including children in Israel.
  • Israel’s blockade and control over Gaza, refusing to let in adequate supplies of food, water, medicine, fuel and other humanitarian aid.
  • Carpet-bombing of civilian infrastructure including hospitals, schools and housing.
  • Cutting off water, power and communications.
  • The forced displacement of 1.7 million Palestinians in Gaza.
  • The targeting of journalists and medical teams – more than 200 health workers and 50 or more reporters killed.
  • Occupation and establishment of settlements in the West Bank.
  • Israel’s failure to recognise the state of Palestine covering Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem as its capital in accordance with UN resolutions.
  • Israel’s system of apartheid.

Which one of these is legal?

Where is your moral compass?

Can you not show one ounce of humanity?

You preach the rule of law and democracy, but when it comes to Israel you throw them to the wind.

These are not Australian values.

Yours in disgust and horror



Write and call PM Albanese, Foreign Minister Penny Wong, Opposition leader Peter Dutton, your MP and Senators. Let them know your opposition to their support for Israel’s crimes against humanity.

Ring talkback radio, write letters to the editor, use your social media to express your support for the Palestinian people and opposition to the stand of the Labor government and LNP opposition.

Call for:

  • Ceasefire now
  • Restoration of all services
  • Free flow of humanitarian aid into Gaza
  • Release of Palestinian prisoners held in Israel under arbitrary detention, including women and children, in exchange for hostages held by Hamas
  • Withdrawal of all Israeli military forces
  • Arms embargo on Israel
  • Implementation of the two state solution
  • Israel to be tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity
  • UN General Assembly to use its powers to override the US and UK veto on UN Security Council.

(See below)

UN General Assembly power of veto

The ‘Uniting for Peace’ resolution by the UN General Assembly, (UNGA) in 1950, and given the interpretations of the Assembly’s powers that became customary international law as a result, the Security Council ‘power of veto’ can be surmounted.On 3 November 1950, over two-thirds of UN Member states declared that, according to the UN Charter, the permanent members of the UN Security Council cannot and should not prevent the UN General Assembly from taking any and all action necessary to restore international peace and security, in cases where the Security Council has failed to exercise its ‘primary responsibility’ for maintaining peace. Such an interpretation sees the UNGA as being awarded ‘final responsibility’ – rather than ‘secondary responsibility’ – for matters of international peace and security, by the UN Charter.

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