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We must support Palestine’s right to self-determination

Boorloo/Perth rally for Palestine on Sunday 19 November.

Boorloo/Perth rally for Palestine on Sunday 19 November. Photo: Vinnie Molina.

People around the world are witnessing every day the televised genocide of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. In Australia, and internationally, ever larger rallies are taking place on a weekly basis attracting millions of people who condemn Israeli state terrorism.

The Israeli lobby claims that pro-Palestinian rallies are anti-semitic and should not go ahead and that we must condemn Hamas. Firstly, Israel’s war is against the entire people of Palestine with Gaza facing the worst of the state terrorism. Secondly, Palestinians in the West Bank, an area where Hamas is not the elected government, are also being murdered and displaced.

A critical point has been reached as Israel continues to target civilians and their infrastructure. Hospitals, schools, communications, and basic infrastructure are indiscriminately carpet-bombed. Food, water supplies, and fuel are weaponised with Israel controlling and restricting their entry into Gaza – as acts of genocide and in an attempt to expel the Gazan people from their lands. But the Palestinians have nowhere to go. Israel has closed all borders.

Israel intends to stay and control the Gaza Strip and other occupied areas.

People around the world attending rallies are demanding an enduring ceasefire. Support is also being shown for aid campaigns. Supporters of Israel condemn Hamas, claiming its action was unprovoked. That Israel’s war started on 7 October. This is a lie.

Israel destroyed 500 towns and cities, killing an estimated 15,000 Palestinians and forcing an estimated 750,000 Palestinians from their homes between 1947 and 1949, while capturing 78 per cent of historic Palestine. The remaining 22 per cent was divided into what are now the occupied West Bank and the besieged Gaza Strip. The 1948 occupation of Palestine is known as the Nakba.

Israel has launched four protracted military assaults on Gaza: in 2008, 2012, 2014, and 2021 with thousands more Palestinians killed, including many children, and tens of thousands of homes, schools and office buildings destroyed.

Israel has imposed a blockade of Gaza since 2007. Its actions are illegal under international law, which Israel treats with contempt.

If that is not a provocation then what is!

The argument that Hamas keeps hostage more than 2 million people who elected them in 2006 when they won the majority to govern, doesn’t match.

Peoples subjugated to colonial or neo-colonial occupation or war have the right to self-determination, to resist and to free themselves by any means necessary. The Palestinian resistance has organised to free themselves by political and armed means. Proscribing them as terrorists condemns the whole Palestinian people to live under occupation and denies them their right to resistance and self-determination.

The Australian government must work towards a permanent ceasefire and condemn state terrorism. Israel is committing crimes against humanity and must be stopped.

A number of countries have suspended or cut diplomatic ties with Zionist Israel. Others are recalling their ambassadors for consultations. The genocide can only stop by pressure on Israel from the international community, in particular the US and other western countries including Australia, for Israel to agree to an enduring ceasefire, an end to the blockade, and for humanitarian aid to save the people of Gaza.

The Australian government must recognise an independent Palestinian state with UN support to ensure the sustainability of a free Palestine. The overwhelming majority of countries at the UN General Assembly supported a resolution in support of a truce. The United Nations must act now!

The UN must also develop a plan for the reconstruction of Palestine which also includes compensation to the victims of Zionism.

We will not condemn the Palestinian resistance. It reflects the aspirations of the Palestinian people who have the right to self-determination and to have their own independent state on their traditional land.

The Communist Party of Australia stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people and supports their aspirations to be free by any means they consider necessary according to their historical material conditions. This is not terrorism. The CPA does not support terrorism, and condemns Israel’s state terrorism.

Ceasefire now!

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