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Global briefs

NETHERLANDS: Populist right-wing politician Geert Wilders and his Freedom Party (PVV) claimed victory in the Dutch general elections. The result was described as ‘shocking’ and ‘surprising’ by the media. Geert Wilders is well-known for his extreme anti-immigrant views; he is promising to take the country out of the European union and cut aid to Ukraine. The shift to the right in Europe has been developing for some time due to the worsening economic situation, unresolved migrant crisis, and so-called Ukraine fatigue. Italy had a right-wing swing last year when Brothers of Italy party led by Giogia Meloni came to power.

EUROPE: A survey by the French via Voice Institute indicated that Marine Le Pen’s right-wing National Rally party is supported by 20 per cent of respondents compared to 15 per cent supporting president Macron’s liberal Renaissance. The leftist coalition NUPES received 14 per cent support, while conservative Les Republicans had 13 per cent. In Germany right-wing parties have seen a spike in popularity as well. Slovakia was an exception with a recent win of left-wing SMER. However, it seems to be an exception to the general rise of the right in Europe. Next year is an election year for the European Parliament scheduled for 6 to 9 June. European politics is facing tremendous challenges and questionable ability to deal with complex economic and social problems.

ITALY: Hundreds of thousands people marched in Rome on Saturday 25 November, in the biggest of multiple demonstrations across Europe against violence against women. ‘Rome has been invaded – we are 500,000 strong,’ declared feminist organisation Non Una Di Meno ‘not one less’). Large rallies took place in other Italian cities as well as in Paris and Madrid as feminists marked the International Day Against Violence Against Women. The Italian Interior Ministry says 106 women have been killed in Italy so far this year, 55 allegedly by a partner or former partner.

FRANCE: In Paris, tens of thousands marched, many wearing purple. Placards read ‘Protect Your Girls, Educate Your Boys’ and ‘One Rape Every Six Minutes’ in France. France has recorded 121 femicides so far this year, more than the 118 last year.

RUSSIA: Russian embassy in London asked to clarify the role Britain had in disrupting peace talks with Ukraine in the spring 2022. David Arakhamia, a senior Ukrainian lawmaker made a statement recently claiming that it was the former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in 2022 who had told Kiev not to negotiate with Moscow and continue fighting instead. Arahamia was a chief negotiator with Russia at the time.

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