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Unfinished business

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This is the last issue of the Guardian – The Workers’ Weekly for 2023 (the podcast will continue through the break). It’s a time for looking back on one year and looking forward to another.

2023 is littered with unfinished business, and before we wipe our hands clean of one year and get into looking-forward mode, it’s as well to look at what’s coming into 2024 with us.

The Communist Party of Australia has a proud history of standing with Indigenous people in Australia – we were the first political party on this continent to do so, and we kept doing so. The CPA campaigned hard for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament – not, as some naysayers pretended, because we thought the Voice would turn Australia into some sort of utopia for Indigenous people, but because it could have been a springboard for more action, and given momentum to the fight for real, much-needed progress. We also campaigned because we didn’t want to hand a win to the racist assimilationism that has given right-wing forces in Australia so many successes for so long. The referendum was lost and as predicted, an anti-treaty mood is sweeping the country, with the Liberal and National Party Coalition is emboldened in its use of racism. It is notable that even after a massive disinformation campaign on the issue, a large majority of Indigenous Australians voted yes.

There was always going to be unfinished business from the Voice. The CPA will continue to support land rights and justice for the first people to inhabit this continent.

AUKUS rolls on, with legislation in parliament right now lifting export permits for technology developed in Australia to the UK and the USA (see page 5 this issue). Most of the Australian media treats AUKUS as a done deal, but it is not. There is dissension in the Labor Party over this dangerous surrender of our sovereignty. Join us in the fight to give peace a budget! The Guardian will continue to inform and encourage from an anti-imperialist and anti-war perspective.

Speaking of peace, the Communist Party of Australia is actively campaigning for a ceasefire in Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem, and the implementation of the two-state solution. Massive  demonstrations in Australia have put pressure on the ALP government to call for the recent pause, but much more pressure is needed.

On some of these issues we have numbers – even the corporate media couldn’t ignore the pro-Palestine demonstrations (not that they didn’t try; witness disgraceful under-reporting by the ABC, and Nine media’s recent intimidation of journalists who support fair coverage of Palestine). As has been mentioned in this paper before, we need more than numbers at demonstrations. We need a strong Party and strong community organisations to really carry through on these issues. Support the Party! Stay informed – keep reading the Guardian (or listening to the podcast).

In 2024, we will strive to keep readers informed and involved on Indigenous Rights, on the fight for peace, and on the struggle against apartheid and genocide in Palestine. We will keep providing the news that the mainstream press doesn’t want to look at.

See you there.

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