The Guardian • Issue #2082

New Year’s message

Vinnie Molina – Party President

Vinnie Molina – Party President

I take this opportunity to thank CPA members, supporters, and Guardian readers for all their work and support during the past 12 months.

2023 has been a challenging year for workers and their families in Australia and around the world.

Workers continue to be underpaid and many are unable to make ends meet even when working more than one job or long hours. The housing crisis sees families living in cars, caravan parks, tents, and on the streets due to one of the biggest problems in society. Public housing for homes not development projects for investors is urgently needed.

The CPA campaigns for a public housing policy that guarantees workers and their families a roof over their heads. Actions that demolish existing stock and the sales of public land to developers in exchange for “affordable and social housing” are a con.

The 2023 Foodbank Australia Hunger Report found 3.7 million households in Australia have faced food insecurity in the last 12 months.

The Reserve Bank of Australia’s interest rate rises have put many people under extra pressure while providing billions in profits to the banking sector. Enough is enough! People need to organise and push governments to invest in people’s needs, not in the interests of multinational corporations that pay no taxes.

The excessive military spending under the concept that “we must prepare for war to achieve peace” is senseless. The billions already spent in the military budget still fall short of delivering to soldiers and their families after service in US wars.

Bipartisan support for AUKUS means both major parties are complicit in prioritising money for military adventures instead of funding solutions to avert the climate crisis, and address housing, health, education and food needs. The huge budget allocated to offensive nuclear submarines and other weaponry has indebted generations of Australians for the benefit of the expansionist US agenda in the Asia-Pacific.

The planet is on the brink, yet state and federal governments continue to permit and subsidise the expansion of the fossil fuel sector and support new projects. Climate change is here now, with extreme weather events taking a heavy toll in lives, on property, and on the environment.

2023 saw the CPA continue to grow with many more members young and old who campaign together for a better world. They have actively challenged the status quo.

The Party committed to actively campaigning for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament. Party members worked in a coordinated manner with the YES campaign in the name of the Party. The results from the Referendum show that there is still a lot of work to do to build a better society. During the referendum we saw overt displays of negative feelings and expressions of racism. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were let down by society on their own land. As a Party we will continue to work with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights, truth telling, treaty, and land rights.

The Party will continue to campaign in 2024 for a Budget for Peace and the Environment. All our efforts will go towards organising a movement against AUKUS, and to prevent a war on China. These are discussions that should happen at Party AGMs and plans must include mobilising to save the planet from environmental destruction and war.

In this it is with so much anger and sadness that in the latter part of this year we have witnessed the televised genocide of the Palestinian people. Israel’s brutal attack on the Gaza Strip and increasing violence and dispossession in the West Bank with US complicity hurt us all.

The Australian government, by following US imperialism’s views of the world, has made us all complicit in genocide. The Albanese government took a criminal decision to endorse Israel’s attacks on the people of Gaza since 7 October. Israel’s actions are not “self-defence.” They are genocide. Eight decades of occupation and land grab from the Palestinian people give the Palestinian people the right to fight for self-determination and for the expulsion of the occupier by any means necessary.

As communists we stand in solidarity with Palestine and feel their pain. We pay respect to thousands massacred by Israel’s brutal attacks, many of them children whose future was cut short by Zionism.

The government must end all military sales and assistance to Israel, condemn the Netanyahu regime, and cease diplomatic and trade ties with Zionism.

The people of Palestine and Israel can live in peace alongside each other, but the world must recognise an independent Palestinian state.

In 2024 we will continue to fight for an enduring ceasefire, the reconstruction of Gaza and an independent Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital. The Australian government has the moral responsibility to do everything it can to ensure the future of the Palestinian people.

Party members have risen to the call to make their voices heard on the streets and we will continue to prepare our cadre in working-class politics. The upcoming organising conference to be held on 19-21 January in Sydney will further provide the tools for the struggles ahead.

I wish all Party members and Guardian readers a restful break, and a revolutionary new year 2024.

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