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Australian Defence Minister Richard Marles.

Australian Defence Minister Richard Marles. Photo: US Navy Petty Officer Alexander Kubitza – (CC-BY-2.0)

The US-led military buildup in Australia for war with China is like nothing this country has ever experienced before – and US sycophant, Australian defence minister Richard Marles carries much of the responsibility for this.

Marles uses the grossly biased 2023 Defence Strategic Review to claim that Australia is “facing the most difficult set of strategic circumstances since the Second World War” and that Australia must therefore “deepens military interoperability” with the US.

Marles’ latest step to achieve a complete loss of Australian sovereignty is legislation in federal parliament that tears down restrictions on the trade in defence goods and technology between the AUKUS partners, the UK and the US.

The Defence Trade Controls Amendment Bill 2023 provides that certain export goods on the Defence and Strategic Goods List (DSGL) and related services will not require permits if they go to the US or the UK.

Former Pentagon official Ben Greenwalt has explained that the system “will allow the US to essentially steal and control Australian technology faster” on the hope that the White House does the same in reverse.

It will result in Australia surrendering “any sovereign capability it develops” to US control, he said.

Marles claims the US and UK support the creation of a licence-free environment between the AUKUS partners. However, neither country has yet introduced their own laws to reflect this arrangement.

Australia has ‘yet again’ been made dependent on the US Congress to pass laws that complement Marles’ legislation.

The new legislation also creates a number of new offences for companies which trade with countries unacceptable to the Australian government, on instructions from the US.

Vassal state

The interoperability between the US and Australian militaries is growing at an increasing pace as Australia becomes a vassal state of the US.

The Force Posture Agreement, signed in 2014, involves 2500 US marines on permanent rotation in the north of Australia and increasing interoperability between Australian and US armies, navies and air forces.

The FPA also provides the US with unimpeded access to dozens of agreed facilities and areas across the continent. The Pentagon can take complete control of any of these installations if it considers this is in its interests.

The escalating US military presence across northern Australia was expanded in December last year to incorporate troops from Japan, a member of the Quad, the alliance of the US, Australia, Japan, and India which is aimed at China.

Richard Marles should be sacked and charged as an agent of a foreign power.

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