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Greetings – National Organising Conference Unity in Action

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German Communist Party

To the Communist Party of Australia

Dear comrades!

On behalf of the Central Committee and the members of the German Communist Party, I greet the participants of the National Organising Conference Unity in Action of your party.

Our parties are both fighting in countries whose governments and ruling classes support the aggressive economic and war policies of imperialism against socialist China, against the Russian Federation, against countries liberating themselves from neo-colonial dependency, currently especially against the Palestinian people. At the same time there are policies which are aggressive within, social and democratic rights of working people are being dismantled, prices for all the necessities of life are rising, poverty and misery are increasing.

However, there is hope. Imperialism is obviously reaching its limits. Many countries are no longer going along with imperialism’s neo-colonial oppression. The successful development of socialist China opens up new room for manoeuvre.

We are waging the same struggle in different countries, which is an international struggle. We wish your congress a constructive discussion and good decisions that will enable you to lead your struggle better and more successfully.

Long live International Solidarity!

With communist greetings

Renate Koppe
International Secretary
International Relations
9 January 2024

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Communist Party USA

Dear Comrades,

The Communist Party, USA extends its warmest fraternal and internationalist greetings on the occasion of your National Organizing Conference Unity in Action. We trust your conference will be a tremendous success as you deal with the decisions adopted by your Party’s 14th National Congress and develop campaigns for issues of national priority in the coming year.

We stand in agreement and solidarity with you on the importance of mobilizing against the genocidal and criminal campaign of the Netanyahu government of Israel in Gaza and for an independent Palestinian state. Communists everywhere are united against fascism and reactionary policies wherever they threaten the forces for peace and progress.

The centennial of Lenin’s death adds an additional resonance to your conference, and to this year. Lenin’s theoretical contributions to Marxism are tremendous, well-documented, and beyond dispute, as are his organizational contributions. Democratic centralism, in particular, has a central role in enabling Communists to be effective, revolutionary, working-class organizers for unity, justice, genuine democracy and socialism.

Our two Parties share many of the same goals. The governments of our two countries have reaffirmed their commitment to Cold War 2.0 against China by signing the AUKUS agreement.

The increased nuclearization of the anti-Communist attacks on China, represent an existential threat to all humanity. Our two Parties must continue to work together to confront imperialism wherever it rears its head; be it in the Pacific, the Levant or anywhere else.

Long live Communist Internationalism!

International Department

Palestine Communist Party.

Palestinian Communist Party

Dear Communist Party of Australia,

Warm revolutionary greetings to you all! On behalf of our organisation, we extend our heartfelt wishes for a triumphant and progressive 2024, where the aspirations of the working class take precedence in our collective pursuits.

We are honoured to extend our support and solidarity to the Communist Party of Australia and the upcoming CPA National Organising Conference, Unity in Action, scheduled for 19-21 January 2024 in Sydney. It is with great enthusiasm that we contribute a written message to be shared during this significant gathering.

The commemoration of Lenin’s legacy on the centenary of his death holds profound significance, marking a milestone in our ongoing quest for social justice and equality. We acknowledge the importance of this event as a testament to the enduring principles that continue to guide our movements.

The agenda outlined for the conference, focusing on the decisions from the 14th National Congress and the development of campaigns addressing the critical issues of our time, resonates deeply with our commitment to advocating for the rights and sovereignty of oppressed peoples worldwide.

Dear comrades,

In occupied Palestine, particularly in the besieged Gaza Strip, we are facing the most horrific acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing. The fascist Zionist army is carrying out mass killings by air, land, and sea. Additionally, the occupation systematically destroys the infrastructure, rendering Gaza uninhabitable. The aim behind this carnage and systematic destruction is the forced displacement of our people in Gaza.

However, our resilient people’s resistance and steadfastness on their land have thwarted these plans so far, causing hysteria among the fascist Zionist government, its imperialist supporters, and the regressive Arab regimes, all complicit in conspiring against our people’s cause.

The steadfastness of our people in Gaza will be the rock upon which all conspiracies will shatter. Yet, this cannot be achieved without the solidarity of all free people around the world, notably the global Communist movement. Therefore, our party emphasizes the importance of protests and boycotts against the Zionist entity and its supporters to contribute to halting this fascist aggression.

It’s crucial to note that the West Bank is also facing a less intense but equally dangerous war than Gaza. Exploiting the world’s preoccupation with the situation in Gaza, settlers, in collusion with the Zionist government, continue their schemes by seizing lands, burning homes, and terrorizing farmers. More than 70 Bedouin and pastoral communities have been forcibly displaced since October 7, 2023.

Our dear comrades, the Palestinian people are in dire need of your support in confronting this genocidal war. Therefore, we urge peace-loving and freedom-seeking forces in Australia to persist in their solidarity activities with us.

Glory and eternity to the martyrs

Victory for the resistance of our people

Long live the Communist Party of Australia and its working class

Palestinian Communist Party

Communist Party of Britain.

Communist Party of Britain

Dear Comrades,

The Communist Party of Britain sends our warm greetings and every success to the Communist Party of Australia’s National Organising Conference, Unity in Action. We are confident that this conference will be a step forward in strengthening the CPA, and its essential role in the defence of the working class in Australia, for building unity for peace, democracy, and social progress.

Britain, like Australia, plays a significant role in the global imperialist system. Our Party is devoting our efforts in the struggle for peace, against NATO and war, in solidarity with those people
worldwide that face imperialist aggression and intervention and against our own government’s complicity in the crimes that are being perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinian People. Like yourselves, one of our main priorities for our Party this year is to campaign for an end to the genocide in Gaza, and for an independent Palestinian state.

We hope that this coming year our Parties can continue to work closely together against Britain and Australia’s involvement in AUKUS, and against the United States’ aggressive Cold War on China. We will continue to strengthen our cooperation advocating for an international policy of peace, friendship, and cooperation between all peoples.

We wish your Party every success in developing and implementing your campaigns for 2024 and to continue our strong fraternal relationship.

Long live the Communist Party of Australia!

Long live friendship and solidarity between the CPA and the CPB!

Kevan Nelson
International Secretary
Communist Party of Britain (CPB)

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