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Mikhail Tzimis with Vinnie Molina at the Organising Conference.

Mikhail Tzimis with Vinnie Molina at the Organising Conference.

Mikhail Tzimis, from the Unified Communist Party of Georgia spoke at the CPA’s Organising Conference on 19 January. He touched on the history and struggle of the Communist Party of Australia and its contribution to the world communist movement and congratulated Australian comrades for taking a difficult but correct stand.

Tzimis noted that Lenin took humanity from the circular petty-bourgeois narrow-mindedness and gave it a high meaning and at the same time a very simple meaning. He called Lenin a brilliant materialist and dialectician, an excellent statesman, endowed with almost supernatural insight, capable under any circumstances of accurately and comprehensively synthesising revolutionary theory and practice, always acting on the basis of Marxism and creatively developing it.

Tzimis said “This is why today we must support and defend the titanic figure of Lenin, since it was he who connected revolutionary theory with the social practice of the workers’ struggle for their rights, a struggle that marked universality. and historical achievements of eternal significance and value, such as the Great October Socialist Revolution.

Mikhail Tzimis was kind enough to give a quick interview to the Guardian.

Guardian: So what led you to join the CPG?

Mikhail: I grew up in the UK. My mum is ethnic Georgian.  As a teen in a capitalist society, I had no clear class identity.  When I grew up, I went back to Georgia, and saw abandoned factories and so much poverty in a country which should be rich. The factories had been abandoned since the collapse of the USSR. That made me start thinking about things. After 30 years of capitalism, a lot of Georgian people are convinced of the futility of a market economy.

Georgia was one of the key states of the USSR. Of course it was also the birthplace of Josef Stalin.

G: How do people in Georgia feel about Stalin now?

Mikhail: A lot of people realised what Stalin contributed; a real socialist society, the gigantic victory of Soviet workers’ power over fascism, and the leading role of people led by the working class.

G: You’ve been a guest speaker at the Communist Party of Australia’s Organising Conference this year. Any thoughts on the conference?

Mikhail: It gave me a lot of hope. I saw an enthusiasm for the ideals of socialism. This gave me a lot of hope because Australia is a highly advantaged society, so it’s good to see comrades working hard for socialism here.

G: Can you tell us any more about the Communist Party in Georgia?

Mikhail: International solidarity is very important. The CPG is a member of the International Society of Communist Parties, also of Solidnet, and the union of Communist and Workers Parties. We’re also a full member of Communist Parties of the Soviet Union, led by Zuganov of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

G: What sort of challenges does the Georgian Party face?

Mikhail: We face a number of challenges. The so-called ‘Freedom Charter’ passed by the Georgian government, with a lot of pressure from the USA, was a cynical attempt to inhibit freedom by prohibiting communist ideology and symbols. In 2012, our Party Secretary was detained just for bringing some medals from Moscow to give to military veterans. That law is not enforced now, but is still on the books.

The country was manipulated into a war with Russia. More recently the Kiev regime has been planning a coup in Georgia in an attempt to open up a second front.

A lot of our members are old, so the party created a youth platform to involve younger people in socialism.

G: Any comments on the CPA?

Mikhail: I would describe the CPA as orthodox Marxist party. I’m happy to say it has a very, very good ideological position.    You have a good approach to education – as Lenin said we need to study, study, and study again! You need to make more people know about the CPA!

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