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Zionist propaganda: a thing of wonder

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Dear Comrade Editor,

The genocidal assault against Gaza has taught us just how far the Israeli regime has shifted to the right, and how closely it resembles a fascist state is there for all to see. Israel, its sponsor state, the USA, and their allies are not fazed by the outrage of the world. The global crisis of capitalism means that imperialism bares its teeth. We knew this in theory. We now see it in practice.

How Zionist propagandists operate outside Israel is a thing of wonder. We have seen the freedom of journalists to report threatened. We have seen cold, hard evidence of a Zionist lobby at work, be it through the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, the Zionist Federation or the more activist Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council. The groups are well-connected, cashed up and wield considerable clout.

Actors have been sidelined for wearing keffiyehs. An ABC presenter was sacked for posting opinions on social media that Lawyers for Israel deemed inappropriate.

When the media repeat statements from the UN about the killing of journalists or of children in Gaza, it is waved away as a ‘blood libel.’ This reference to ancient antisemitic literature becomes, for the propagandists, the ultimate rejection of debate.

Any act that criticises the regime is dismissed as ‘antisemitic.’ Yes, there is antisemitism. But to conflate antisemitism with criticism of a regime that is justifiably accused of genocide, is a bridge too far.

The Israeli Communist Party, would be branded as antisemitic when it stands against racism and for a unity of the people, Jewish and Palestinian, as would every concerned person who stands for the Palestinians and who calls for a ceasefire.

Our politicians vacillate, or hold fast to the Zionist line. There is massive anger against Israel and Zionism. The opportunism that normally captivates the dark hearts and souls of these politicians ought to be motivated by the anger of the people. But no. They have the USA in one ear and the same lobby that silences journalists and artists in the other.

As the economic crisis of capitalism worsens, the forces of reaction become ever more desperate. Zionism, separatism, extreme nationalism, exceptionalism all converge into one vicious and dangerous coalition. Each of these factors represent the past. History is moving. The people are moving. There is no room for haters, for those who would see wholescale destruction of a people.

Daniele Hume

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