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Dear Editor,

In a week when the International Court of Justice has reminded Israel to prevent genocide happening and to be more sensitive about supplies of food and water plus other essentials, Israel has come up with a flea bite of an excuse to impose further privations on the Palestinians. I refer to the UNRWA, the UN organisation responsible for distributing aid to the Palestinian people. This organisation employs over 30,000 people in Gaza, and just 10 have been shown to be involved in the 7 October action.

Tiny as this is, it is enough for Israel to insist on restrictions on UNRWA and other countries to stop funding this body as if the UN body was or had any part of the organisation of 7 October. Worst of all Australia has joined the group and refused money to Palestinians based on this  premise. The deprivations suffered by the Palestinian people, the bombing, the shells from tanks, from the sea, and the constant buzz of drones looking for targets makes the situation in Gaza absolutely appalling, yet Australia seeks to punish Palestinians at the urging of a pariah state, Israel which has wantonly destroyed heavily populated areas.

The Australian government, Prime Minister Albanese, and Foreign Minister Wong jump to attention at the mere clicking of the fingers of the Israeli government, but can turn a blind eye to the suffering of the Palestinian people. They are unmoved by the demonstrations in many capital cities and regional centres, they are more attuned to the Israeli lobby than the people of Australia. I hope all supporters and members of our party send blasting messages to our government.

Yours sincerely

Denis Doherty

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