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CPA Statement on Palestine and the ICJ’s interim decision and orders

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  • Issue #2085


The Communist Party of Australia welcomes the International Court of Justice (ICJ) interim decision and orders, and sees them as a framework for activists to continue their campaign for a permanent ceasefire, the end of the occupation and the creation of an independent Palestinian state.

Israel is committing genocide. The ICJ has ordered Israel to cease actions that lead to further actions of genocide.

We stand with the principled decision by South Africa to take Israel to the ICJ for the alleged crimes of genocide. The world’s demand for a permanent ceasefire needs to be met.

The Albanese government support for the genocide and atrocities Israel is committing against the people of Palestine is unspeakable and must be condemned.

It is bad policy by the Australian government to join a handful of rich western nations to pause funding for the UNRWA solely on unsubstantiated allegations made by Israel. The Palestinian authorities deny the allegations and condemn the termination of workers contracts.

The Australian government decision contrasts with the fact that more than 27,000 Palestinians have been killed in this genocidal war, among them health workers, journalists and UN personnel. The victims overall are children, women and the elderly. Unfortunately, these facts have not been enough for the Australian government to condemn Israel for war crimes.

We call on all people to continue the campaign for a permanent cease fire, expulsion of Israeli diplomats, and sanctions on Israel until the occupation ends!

Shame on the Australian government!

Central Committee
Communist Party of Australia

27-28 January 2024.

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