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Invasion Day reports

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Invasion Day Brisbane.


Sunshine Coast

Members of the Sunshine Coast branch attended this year’s Invasion Day rally around the Cotton Tree, Maroochydore area. We were very pleasantly greeted by a crowd of more than 400 people, gathering in Foundation Square; a sea of Yes Campaign shirts, face paints, and traditional smoke.

Many people approached us wanting to take photos of our flags and the sign I made, thankful for our presence at such an important event. After a moment of silence for the indigenous lives lost last year there was a speech from a Torres Strait Islander man explaining that bigotry is still ever present in the coast, retelling an anecdote of how a woman who recently moved to the area approached him personally crying, as she just couldn’t believe the hatred and ignorance that surrounded her.

Racism and reactionary politics/opinions are unfortunately a constant of the Coast, and many people, this writer included, Indigenous, immigrant and LGBTIQ+ have been harassed or attacked for not falling in line with the white conservative majority

After this sombre note, we were reinvigorated when the march began. Cries of “Not the date to celebrate,” “What do we want? Land rights! When do we want them? Now!” and “The people, united, will never be defeated,” echoed throughout the coastal city. The positive energy is rather therapeutic, marching not just with my comrades, but the sight that struck me most was a family wheeling a loved one in a wheel chair holding hands with a child marching cheerfully alongside. These rallies are important for Indigenous rights and as a community event of bonding of survival and respect for the oldest existing human culture, encompassing everyone with no boundaries.

The Communist Party’s presence was extremely well received with constant cheers and attention of other attendees with us featuring prominently in their own media/footage of the event. This year’s rally was  bigger than 2023, and we hope it grows even further for 2025. At all times we will never forget to show solidarity and support First Nations custodians and their culture on the Sunshine Coast. The Communist Party of Australia was the first political party in Australia to recognise Aboriginal liberation as a priority, and we shall always pursue it as a core value.

Report by Che Janz.


Comrades in Naarm rallied for the Invasion Day event held by the Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance (WAR), taking part in the rally both by acting as marshals and as participants.  As in previous events, the rally was well attended and overwhelmingly positive. An estimated 35,000 people gathered at Victoria’s Parliament house to hear speakers including Professor Gary Foley.

Invasion Day Perth, 2024.


In the same week Israel was found to have a case to answer  after being charged with genocide in the International Court of Justice, rallies continued around the world in support of Palestine, including in Perth (Boorloo), Western Australia.

The rally in Forrest Place was organised by Friends of Palestine WA, and the MC for the event, Vashti, reminded the thousand supporters and activists who attended that it was the fifteenth week of demonstrations against the bombardment, killing and maiming of the Palestinian people of Gaza and the West Bank. 

On Invasion Day, and again at this rally there were speakers from the Noongar Aboriginal people who showed their solidarity and support for the fight against the colonial oppressor. Fabian Yarran noted that the intergenerational trauma and foetal alcohol syndrome caused by the actions of the Australian state needed to be addressed first before the funding of prisons, housing and education as when the mental health issues are addressed, much other issues become more manageable or fall away.

Des Blurton who performed the Welcome to Country reminded the rally that the colonial oppressors often targeted the warriors who were able to resist the violence as well as the women and children to diminish the indigenous race while those that remained often ended up in, “concentration camps called missions”, where they were subjected to attempts to wash them of their culture, language and way of life – similar to what is occurring in Palestine at the hands of the Zionist Israeli state.

Zena, a Palestinian spoken word poet, rapped about the 112 days of collective punishment meted out to the Palestinian people, of the many babies who won’t live to see their first birthday, of the 36 hospitals deliberately targeted and destroyed while aid workers are called terrorists, where the cargo of ships in the Red Sea are worth more than the lives of Palestinian babies, while international law is important to everyone except the oppressors. 

Greens WA Senator and Foreign Affairs spokesman Jordon Steele-John spoke next to say we will call out those who seek to demonise people who seek justice. Steele-John called on the Australian government to support the Interim Ruling of the ICJ, to speak out against the Israeli war cabinet and for Australians to remember the positions which the major parties took on Palestine and their support of Israel come election time and vote them out. Dorinda Cox, another Greens Senator from WA and also a Noongar Yamitji woman spoke of having to listen to the vile language of members of the two major parties when parliament is sitting in Canberra with regards to their unwavering support for Israel and their weasel words on a lasting ceasefire in Gaza. Cox called on the people at the rally and around Australia to remember their actions on this important humanitarian issue at election time. 

The rally marched to take the message to the streets of Boorloo/Perth and vowed to return the next week to rally, where the theme would be the calling out of those corporations who benefit from their support of the state of Israel in their oppression of the Palestinian people.

The Communist Party of Australia calls for the implementation of a permanent ceasefire, restoration of funding by Australia to the UNRWA on Palestine and withdrawal of Australian government support for  Israel’s war on the Palestinian people.

Report by Richard Titelius.

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