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Some greetings received from parties for the recent CPA Organising Conference

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Vinnie Molina and Andrew Irving at the Organising Conference.

Vinnie Molina and Andrew Irving at the Organising Conference.

Communist Party of Greece

Dear comrades,

On behalf of the KKE (Communist Party of Greece), we wish you success in the works of your National Conference. Your conference is being held at a time of particularly complex and dangerous developments, to the detriment of the interests of the peoples of the world.

At its heart is the horrific massacre of the Palestinian people and the atrocious bombardment of Gaza by the murderous state of Israel for over 100 days. In defiance of the Euro-NATOists who have justified the massacre from day one, and in response to the filthy Israeli propaganda, massive mobilisations have erupted in the whole world in solidarity with the just struggle of the Palestinian people, condemning the brutal Israeli occupation. The peoples of the world are defending the resistance of the Palestinian people and its right to have its own independent and free homeland.

Almost two years have passed since the beginning of the war in Ukraine between the US, NATO, and the EU and capitalist Russia. Its imperialist character has already been revealed. It is a result of the competitions for market shares, control of wealth resources, and regions of strategic importance. It is being waged and led by the bourgeois classes, it is an imperialist war on both sides, it is directed against the peoples and there is a great danger for its further escalation.

We believe that the main features of global developments are the intense competition between the US and China for the primacy of the international capitalist economy, the intensification of contradictions leading to imperialist wars and interventions, and spread of war zones, the intensification of exploitation, the escalation of poverty and unemployment, the waves of refugees. People today more than ever are suffering from unbearable poverty, low wages and pensions, and crushed social rights.

The need for the independent organisation of the workers’ and people’s struggle centred on their own rights is today more necessary and topical than ever. The centre of this struggle must be the overthrow of the capitalist exploitative system, the building of the new socialist society. A socio-economic system that has its own principles of construction and laws, incompatible with private ownership of the means of production, capitalist profit, the involvement of the capitalist market, and the treatment of labour power as a commodity.


The forces of the KKE have been protagonists in the past period in major, tough class confrontations for contemporary working class’ and people’s needs. Against the involvement of our country in the dangerous NATO imperialist plans, the transformation of our country into an imperialist stronghold for the war in Ukraine, and the massacre of the Palestinian people.

At the same time, the KKE achieved a significant increase in votes and percentages in the national elections of June 2023, achieving 7.7 per cent from 5.3 per cent with an increase of more than 100,000 votes and 6 new MPs, increasing its parliamentary group to 21 MPs. In the regional elections of October 2023 it surpassed 10.3 per cent nationwide and elected 6 communist mayors and hundreds of municipal and regional councillors.

In these circumstances, we continue our struggle with renewed strength. The KKE shows the people that no bourgeois government of any orientation can save them. The way out for the benefit of the people can be given by strengthening the workers’ and people’s struggle by building a strong social alliance with an anti-capitalist, anti-monopoly direction, for the disengagement from the EU and NATO, the overthrow of capitalism, and the building of socialism.

With these thoughts, we wish you again good luck in your work.


International Relations Section
KKE (Communist Party of Greece)

Portuguese Communist Party

Message of greetings from the Portuguese Communist Party to the Communist Party of Australia’s National Organising Conference Unity in Action

Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the Portuguese Communist Party, we wish you success for the Communist Party of Australia’s National Organising Conference. We sincerely hope that it may provide an important contribution to the work of Australian Communists among the workers and the people, which is so necessary in our times.

Our world is today in the midst of a major crisis that has its roots in the structural crisis of the capitalist system and, in particular, in the relative decline of the US and other imperialist powers gathered in the G7. Everywhere there are signs of this intensifying crisis. Even in the imperialist centres, working people and their livelihoods are being sacrificed to ensure the profits of increasingly parasitic and corrupt ruling classes. There is a real risk that, in the attempt to counter and reverse their decline, the most reactionary and warmongering sectors of big finance capital from the US and other imperialist powers will lead Humankind to the brink of a major disaster.

After decades of wars of aggression by the US, NATO, EU, UK and their allies, which have destroyed countries in West Asia, the Balkans, and North Africa, we are today witnessing Israel’s genocidal policy with the systematic massacre of the Palestinian people, who have long been deprived of their inalienable national rights by the imperialist powers that seek to control the Middle East and its immense natural resources. This is, and has always been, the true face of imperialism.

Today there is an urgent need for the Unity in Action which you have very appropriately added to the name of your National Organising Conference. Unity in action of the working people in each country – and of all countries – in defending their social, political and economic rights. Unity in action of all oppressed peoples that are targetted by imperialist plunder and aggression and that stand up for their sovereignty and their rights. Unity in action among communists and between them and other progressive and anti-imperialist forces. Unity in action to ensure a future of peace and social progress for all of Humankind.

Long live the unity of the workers and peoples of the world!

Lisbon, January 16, 2024

Central Committee of the Portuguese Communist Party
CC of the KKE

Communist Party of Canada

Vinnie Molina, National President Communist Party of Australia. Solidarity with Delegates to the CPA Organising Conference.

Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Canada, we send warm fraternal greetings to the Organising Conference of the Communist Party of Australia, meeting this weekend.

Canadian Communists wish you every success in your work to build the Communist Party in the working class movement, in the trade unions, amongst the unorganised and unemployed, among women and youth, Indigenous Peoples and people of Colour, and all those who are exploited and oppressed by capitalism and imperialism.

Your victories are our victories as you build the Communist Party and the ideals of socialism – where the working class is in the driver’s seat – in the labour and people’s movements. A strong Communist Party means a strong and fighting labour movement, and a powerful movement for fundamental social change.

With all of the very real dangers of the current period, there is also opportunity as the working class and its allies expand the struggle against declining wages and living conditions, against reaction and war.

Communists always punch above their weight! We are sure that this Organising Conference will add more power to the CPA’s punches in the period ahead!

Yours in the Struggle,

Elizabeth Rowley

On behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Canada

January 27, 2024

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