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Dear Comrade Editor,

I am covered by a couple of unions in my role as an adult teacher of English language and literacy. I love the work I do, but it is plagued by chronic insecurity, and I have seen experienced teachers waste hours of toil applying for contracts giving as little as 6 months job security.

One of the unions that covers one of my many jobs is hailing the Closing Loopholes Bill, which passed federal parliament on Monday 12 February as a massive win. The union does good work and they have to put a good face on it, but I’ve seen management wriggle out of agreements that were supposed to clear some of the hurdles for staff to convert to permanent jobs. Having agreed to give staff with more than a year of work up the right to convert to permanent, one employer just adopted the policy of sacking anyone who was within a month of a full year in the place.

The truth is we’ll have to fight for more security and less casualisation. I appreciate your paper’s coverage of these issues.

In solidarity,

Peter Cotler


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