The Guardian • Issue #2087

Sunshine Coast Palestine rally weekend report

  • by Che Janz
  • The Guardian
  • Issue #2087
Attendants sitting on grass at Palestine rally, Sunshine coast.

Comrades and supporters of the CPA Sunshine Coast Branch on Sunday attended a march and a speech presentation for the people of Gaza on Sunday 11 February. Around 200  people turned out for the event, a good turnout for an area known for a very apolitical-conservative leaning attitude to politics.

We marched with the CPA’s ‘Free Palestine’ banner, our chants echoing through the shopping complex.

A tent was set up with a number of speakers invited ranging from unionists, mid-wives, teachers and anyone else who feels horrified by the Israeli assault on Palestine. One unionist speaker made the great distinction that the majority of people do support the Palestinian resistance movement, however Palestinian activism in the west is independent and grassroots. The Israeli supporters, whilst a smaller faction have the income for self-aggrandising manipulative advertisements that portray themselves as heroes, and sway the media towards turning a blind eye towards Israeli Defence Force massacres in Palestine.

Another very depressing recount was from a nurse and mid-wife who spoke deeply about the children of Gaza. She told of how Palestinian mothers suffering from malnutrition themselves could not even produce milk for their new born babies. The babies are given dates to suck on.

When it was my turn to speak I spoke on how the CPA have been unwavering in their support of Palestine and read out the letter delivered to us by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) that was published in a previous issue (see Guardian issue #2075).

More marches are soon to follow. The Sunshine Coast Branch of the Communist Party of Australia will be there.

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