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Global briefs

YEMEN: Massive protests for Palestine continue across Yemen. Friday rallies attract millions of participants who march for Gaza. Last Friday was no exception – demonstrators carried banners condemning Israel and its western allies, and proudly proclaimed their solidarity with Palestine by displaying Palestinian flags.

GREECE: Protesters have hurled fireworks and petrol bombs at police outside the Parliament building. Thousands of people turned out for yet another demonstration against plans to introduce privately-run universities. Police used tear gas to disperse the crowd – several people were hurt and received medical help from volunteer medics.

FRANCE: The right to abortion has been inscribed in the French Constitution. At a special public ceremony the Justice Minister used a 19th century printing press to seal the amendment in the document, making abortion a fundamental right for French women.

CANADA: A monument to the Waffen-SS Galicia Division has been dismantled in the Canadian town of Oakville in Ontario. The monument to the Ukrainian Nazi WW2 collaborators was installed at the Ukrainian cemetery in 1988 despite protests from local activists and journalists. Ukrainian President Zelensky’s visit to Canada in September 2023 and an invitation of the former Nazi to meet and greet him in the Canadian Parliament had caused an international condemnation for treating a war criminal as a heroic freedom fighter.

RUSSIA: Russian security agency (FSB) has foiled an attack on a Moscow synagogue by Islamic State (IS) terrorists. “On the territory of the Kaluga region, a stop was put to the activity of Wilayat Khorassan, a cell of the Afghan branch of the international terrorist organisation Islamic State, which is banned in Russia, whose members were planning to commit a terrorist attack against one of the Jewish religious institutions in Moscow,” the FSB said in a statement. “During the operation to detain them, the terrorists put up armed resistance to Russian FSB staff and as a result were neutralised by return fire.”

NIGERIA: Nigeria is exploring the possibility of joining BRICS, the country’s Foreign Minister Yusuf Tuggar said. The minister visited Russia in March and reaffirmed Nigeria’s commitment to strengthening diplomatic and economic relations with Russia. Nigeria appreciated Russia’s support for the country’s efforts to develop its industrial base, with Russia willing to facilitate the completion of construction of the Ajaokuta steel plant and the restart of Rusal’s aluminium smelting plant in Nigeria.

USA: US President Joe Biden gave his State of the Union Address last week. The White House intended to use this opportunity to create a powerful visual image directed against Putin – mentioned in the speech, of course. The plan was to invite Mrs Zelensky, the Ukrainian president’s wife and Yulia Navalny, the widow of ‘Putin’s critic’ Alexy Navalny to sit next to Jill Biden during the speech. It would have made such a lovely picture but something went wrong. Both women declined the invitation. Mrs Zelensky would not sit next to a Russian and Mrs Navalny cited exhaustion as an excuse.

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