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Permanent ceasefire and political resolution

Paths to Palestinian statehood

Palestine rally

Israel continues to ignore entreaties from countries around the world, and international bodies. Its plans for Rafah are still going ahead despite increasing multilateral resistance. The UN has warned that an assault on Rafah, now crammed with over 1.5 million people during Ramadan, would “incur massive loss of life and would heighten the risk of further atrocity crimes.” It could also ignite full-scale war across the Middle East. As of 8 March, International Women’s Day, over 9,000 Palestinian women have died in Gaza.


The United States is speaking with two tongues; it’s arming Israel all the while claiming to offer aid. As previous Guardian reports have noted, the financing role of the US is so vast that any attempt to soften the narrative must be taken as elaborate political theatre. Haaretz news, has called the recent US airlifts of aid to Gaza a “strategic weapon.” The airlifts are blatant Western propaganda. The US has no strategy to end the atrocities, and in fact such humanitarian aid may even be used as justification to prolong the conflict and postpone a resolution.

The airlifts are also posing a danger to people on the ground. Careless airdrops have resulted in Palestinian deaths. Israel, the Western imperialists and the corporate media need to stop trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes by these tokenistic gestures. Israel must get out of Gaza, and stop the genocide. The US needs to stop the billions of dollars flowing to Israel’s military. Much of this is because the US and the West know, as neo-imperialists always do, that the propaganda war is no less important than war with hard weaponry. Given the scale of these atrocities, and how much has been televised, they are trying harder than ever to win the propaganda war. The “floating dock” up to 1,000 US troops are to build is another part of that war, and of little to no use to desperate Palestinians.

That Israel is a proxy for US imperialism could not be more clear, with US forces stationed off the coast of Gaza.


Australia is still one of the most culpable nations on earth as regards the unfolding genocide. Albanese, Dutton, and Wong have been referred to the International Criminal Court (ICC) by Birchgrove Legal, citing the Rome Statute of 1998 and citing four points:

  1. Australia’s freezing of aid to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA)
  2. the provision of military aid to Israel that could have been used in the alleged commission of genocide and crimes against humanity
  3. permitting Australians to travel to Israel to take part in attacks in Gaza
  4. providing “unequivocal political support” for Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Nicaragua has also instituted proceedings against Germany at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for providing military and financial support to Israel, defunding UNRWA, and “facilitating” genocide. Nicaragua joins a growing chorus of countries in the global majority that are exposing the role of the West in the genocide and taking actions against it.

Labor leadership won’t stop kowtowing to imperialism. It’s time Australian governments adopted an independent foreign policy. Only alternative political movements, dissenting civil society groups, and parties like ours, can bring back some  humanity and solidarity to our political system.


Marxism-Leninism examines conflicts from a dialectical perspective. The construction of a Palestinian state will involve multiple, sometimes contradictory forces all finding unity under a central aim – full sovereignty. It will emerge in stages and phases, not overnight.

Recent talks in Russia look promising. In late February, two-day talks in Moscow brought together major political forces in Palestine, pushing for unity so they might establish a new government within the Palestinian Authority.

It’s worth emphasising that political forces such as the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) are not monolithic. The PLO is composed of many different political movements and groups that have different positions, including Arab nationalists and communists. It’s a representative body to a large extent of the Palestinian people, and can become even more representative if given the chance to govern.

We must think about the consequences of this genocide from the other end, from the side of the resistance and the long-term prospects for a Palestinian state governed by Palestinians. Very little discussion is had about internal political and organisational forces in Palestine. For good reason: in times of war, other things matter more, like a permanent ceasefire, humanitarian aid,  international solidarity, or making sense of all the various geopolitical forces at play.

Recognition of a Palestinian state will mean recognition of a government, and a government will have to be formed somehow and in some way through existing political forces.

The building of a Palestinian state requires permanent ceasefire and a political resolution. It means attempting to build a state under occupation in apartheid conditions. It means going beyond the Oslo Accords and establishing a diplomatic solution that grants full, not partial sovereignty to Palestine and grants it a state, a government, a governing body and a governing structure.

Achieving a two-state solution requires both multilateral support from the international community, and internal unity of progressive forces.


Palestine recognition, and a Palestinian state – these are fundamentals. Netanyahu’s downfall is inevitable. And when that happens, the long-term problems will still have to be solved. How can we win support for a Palestinian state? How will the state be governed? How will it develop, secure its borders, function economically? How will it overcome apartheid? How will perpetrators of this genocide be brought to justice?

The bottom line is: the Palestinian people will not accept occupation or governance by foreign forces. No Western power, and no external forces whatsoever, have any right to meddle in the internal affairs of Palestine, Yemen or any Arab country for that matter. The West and Israel should have no say in it most of all because their interference and destructive, imperialistic mindset has set the conditions for generations upon generations of misery in the first place.

Act Now:

  • Network with unions, civil society groups, human rights, faith and health organisations to raise awareness of genocide
  • Lobby for ceasefire and recognition of a Palestinian state
  • Educate colleagues and friends about the 1948 Nakba and the history of ethnic cleansing in Palestine
  • Write to or call Labor MPs, and encourage Labor rank-and-file to dissent from their Party’s pro-genocide policy position.

China supports Palestine UN membership

China supports Palestine in becoming a full member of the United Nations, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said.

Noting that the failure to end the humanitarian disaster caused by the Palestinian-Israeli conflict today in the 21st century is a tragedy for humanity and a disgrace for civilisation, Wang called on the international community to act to give priority to an immediate ceasefire.

The foreign minister said the Palestinian people have the right to live in the world, calling for the release of all those held captive.

Restoring justice to the Palestinian people and fully implementing the two-state solution is the only way to break the vicious circle of Palestinian-Israeli conflicts, Wang said.

“We support Palestine’s full membership in the UN, and urge certain UN Security Council member to stop laying obstacles to that end,” Wang said, adding that China calls for a more broad-based, more authoritative, and more effective international peace conference to work out a timetable and road map for the two-state solution.


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