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  • Issue #2092

UKRAINE / RUSSIA: Ukrainian military deployed over 2,500 servicemen, some 35 tanks and around 40 other armoured vehicles to attack multiple locations along the border with Russia. All the attacks were repelled, with the Ukrainian side sustaining heavy personnel and material casualties. The attack was supposed to negatively impact the Russian Presidential elections. It failed and according to the Russian Defence Ministry estimates, “The total losses of the Ukrainian Armed forces amounted to more than 1,500 militants, with some 500 fatalities, in addition 18 tanks and 23 armoured combat vehicles ending up destroyed.”

CHINA: China, Russia, and Iran held joint naval drills in the Gulf of Oman. “This exercise will help deepen practical cooperation between the participating countries,” the Chinese Ministry of National Defence said in a statement. Beijing dispatched its guided missile destroyer Nanning to take part in the drills. The drills centred on rescue at sea and other non-combat missions. John Kirby, US National Security Council spokesperson claimed the White House was not concerned by the joint training exercises, as it was not the first time that the Russians and the Chinese trained together.

CUBA: Cuban President Miguel-Diaz Canel hosted Arab and Islamic ambassadors in Havana on the occasion of the sacred month of Ramadan. The Cuban president expressed “the best wishes for peace and well-being in the midst of a difficult moment for the Palestinian people suffering from the aggression of Israel.” The Palestinian ambassador in Havana stressed that the solidarity shown by the Cuban people, the leadership of the Party, and the Cuban government was unique. “Our people will never forget this,” he said.

NIGER: Niger has denounced ‘with immediate effect’ a defence agreement that allows the US to operate a $100 million drone base in the country. The decision came shortly after a senior US delegation wrapped up a three-day visit there. The high level American delegation which included the chief of US Africa Command, General Michael Langley, behaved in breach of diplomatic protocols – it had not even informed the hosts about the date of their arrival or their agenda. Niger’s new government which came to power last July, has taken a number of steps to cut ties with its former military partners. France had to withdraw its troops last December and the US has had to relocate some of their personnel as well. The US currently has about 650 troops there, down from 1,100 in December 2023.

KENYA: Kenya has launched a community health program called Resilient and Empowered African Community Health (REACH). In the first phase of the program 25,000 Community Health workers (CHWs) will be trained on community health and on the use of community health promotion kits and electronic community health information systems to strengthen monitoring and evaluation. In total Kenya has enlisted 107,832 Community Health workers. The population of Kenya is 55.65 million.

FRANCE: Hundreds of victims of child sexual abuse by priests or church representatives have received compensation from France’s Catholic Church. 1,351 victims have come forward to claim compensation and seek psychological support so far.

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