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Dear Editor,

The terrible ongoing genocide continues in Gaza. I’m utterly astounded that after mere allegations by Israel against a few staff out of thousands working for UNRWA, vital aid to people in desperate need of assistance was quickly cut by the US, Australia, Britain, Canada, Germany, and several other Western nations. With no evidence forthcoming from Israel, Australia, Canada, the EU, and Sweden have now restored funding.

When the International Court of Justice decided Israel’s acts in Gaza could amount to genocide, it ordered Israel to take all measures to prevent genocidal acts, including preventing and punishing incitement to genocide, ensuring aid and services reach Palestinians and preserving evidence of crimes committed, yet Israel continued with its systematic and indiscriminate bombing campaign. These same western countries took no action to hold Israel to account for its massive destruction and callous slaughter.

So, despite Israel’s mass killings of over 40,000 Palestinian people, including at least 15,000 children, as well as Israel blocking food, water, and other supplies entering Gaza, the US, Britain, and some other western countries are adding to this man-made famine by withholding aid. It seems clear to me that Israel is indeed engaged in genocide, and by supplying weapons, diplomatic, and other cover for Israel and refusing to force Israel to allow food into Gaza and by stopping funding to UNRWA, some western nations are complicit in this genocide.

Since the latest escalation of conflict in Gaza and the rest of Palestine, Israel has made many allegations without evidence on a range of issues, and these have been proven to be lies countless times. This is a continuation of blatant Israeli falsehoods and myths over the past 75 years or so. It’s about time western powers stopped taking Israeli claims as true (or pretend to) and reacting without proof. These accusations are really all a distraction to cover Israeli ethnic cleansing, massacres, genocide and other human rights violations. Peoples around the world have now awoken en masse to Israel and its war crimes. It is way past time for Australia to see the facts clearly and do more to help stop the awful slaughter of Palestinians!

Steven Katsineris,

Hurstbridge, Victoria

Anti-semitism and facts

Dear Editor,

Allon Lee, in The West Australian argues that anti Semitism is on the rise in Australia. I disagree. I believe that Allon Lee and a lot of the media in this country have onflated anti Zionism with anti-Semitism. A lot has happened in Israel and Gaza since the 7 October 2023, including the killing of over 30 thousand mostly unarmed Palestinians by Israeli Defence forces.

Lee’s column is filled with disingenuous falsehoods, half-truths and omissions of important issues entirely. He doesn’t mention 100 Australian lawyers writing to the International Court of Justice recommending that Prime Minister Anthony Albanese be recommended for complicity in genocide for his ongoing material support for Israel and refusal to call for an immediate ceasefire. Australia has since recommenced its funding of UNRWA, the UN agency responsible for looking after Palestinian refugees thrown up by Israel’s endless war with Palestine, as have other countries, with the notable exception of the US.

Recently I attended the Palestinian Film Festival in Perth and saw two movies about Palestine; Lyd, produced by Roger Waters which shows the history of one of Palestine’s oldest cities from around 865 AD to the present, and includes interviews with people who were present in 1948 when the State of Israel was created and all but 1000 inhabitants forced into exile – mostly the West Bank where the second film, Resistance Climbing takes place.

The latter film focuses on a group of Palestinian youth supported by two rock climbers from the US who help establish a free climbing group to give the Palestinian youth something to take their minds off the ongoing occupation by Israel which is happening around them in all its insidious forms from the apartheid wall, illegal land seizures  and the requirement for Palestinians to carry biometric identification to allow them to move around their land.

The state of Israel is rapidly losing its moral, political, and cultural legitimacy with its ongoing attacks on the Palestinian people and destruction of their homes and infrastructure, and its pursuit of Hamas, most of whose foot soldiers are Palestinian youth resisting the ongoing occupation of their land. Even within Israel there are regular protests against the Israeli government which appears more intent on destroying Palestine than rescuing its hostages, some of whom have been killed by the IDF.

Has Australia become desensitised to anti-Semitic tropes and false claims as Allon Lee suggests? Or are the tropes and claims truths that Lee doesn’t care for? We need to carefully scrutinise allegations which Israel makes against anyone who does not support the world views of a Zionist Israel.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Titelius


Watching & calling out

Dear Comrade Editor,

Some good news reported this week. The Greens have stalled what had been called Labor’s plan to push through gas law reforms, which would have aided the cause of gas companies. In this case, Santos.

What is striking here is the question “How many people would be aware of this?”

Australians are in dire need of political awareness. Many will say they are distrustful of politicians.

The not trusting does not mean that we take our eye off the ball. We need to start watching and calling them out, as and when needed.

One of the best ways do this is, of course, reading the Guardian regularly. Also reading material from other progressive political parties is helpful.

The next step to this is making a difference. This can be done by posting issues on Social Media, writing letters to politicians or other interested organisations.

Comrades, any appropriate effort, no matter how small, can make a difference and is better than no effort at all at all. Thanks to the Guardian, I am watching, and am learning from it.


David Klemm

(David adds: before posting on social media, please ensure you are familiar with Social Media Guidelines for CPA comrades,

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