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Melbourne Comrades rally for Palestine and Cuba

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  • Issue #2093
Melbourne rally for Palestine, including CPA members.

Melbourne Communist Party of Australia members are a regular fixture at the now-weekly rallies in support of Palestine and against the ongoing genocide there, proudly holding the Party banner and marching in support. On Saturday 28 March, members decided that there’s no such thing as too much support and held a standalone action on the steps of the Victorian Parliament. Members walked from the CPA’s Melbourne office and set up a banner and sound equipment. Party speakers reminded the crowd that:

  • The ongoing genocide might seem remote, but it affects everyone in Australia. Because our government won’t stop arms exports to Israel or to its sponsor the USA, this country is complicit, and there’s much more the government could do.
  • The issue is often depicted as a complex one, but it isn’t. The fact is children are being killed and we’re against that.

Comrades distributed Guardians and engaged with passers-by. Comrades also showed support for the ‘sitifada,’ an ongoing pro-Palestinian action at Parliament which welcomed the CPA contingent.

The following week, Melbourne Branch turned out for the Cuban people, outside the US Consulate for the Australian Friends of Cuba Society event, again with Party placards demanding the US end the unjust blockade of socialist Cuba, and get Cuba off its unjust and spurious list of ‘state sponsors of terror.’

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