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Statement: Communist Party of Australia 

Comrade Meyvis Esteves on her election

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Meyvis Esteves

The Communist Party of Australia congratulates
Comrade Meyvis Esteves on her election
as First Secretary of Cuba’s Young Communist League, UJC

For young communists in Australia, it is inspiring to see the participation of young Cuban communists in the defence of the revolution and socialism. This is the only possible alternative to all problems faced by humanity.

We have followed the reports on the successful 12th Congress of the UJC with the participation of some 400 delegates from all over the island. The life of the revolution is manifested in the active involvement of young people.

Members of the Young Communist League have been at the forefront of the challenges in recent times; the COVID-19 pandemic and the difficult circumstances created by the criminal US blockade on the Cuban people. The communist youth will continue to defend the gains of the revolution and pioneer new gains into the future.

From Australia our members send best wishes to the Young Communist League, and to all the elected members of the National Committee. In particular we send our congratulations to the First Secretary Meyvis Esteves in her new responsibilities.

We will continue to stand in solidarity with the Cuban people and the revolutionary government against the inhumane and criminal blockade on Cuba.

Long live socialism!
Long live the UJC!

In working class solidarity,

Vinnie Molina

International Department
Communist Party of Australia

6th April 2024

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