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The Federation of the Australian states in 1901 was the first step away from British colonial control. However, imperialist interests continue to dominate Australian politics to this day. The rights of the Indigenous peoples, who were subject to genocidal policies, their prior occupation and ownership of Australia’s land, was wiped away in the Federation Constitution with just two words: “terra nullius” (empty land).

The Australian political system was created at a time when democratic rights struggles had already achieved much in Britain and the continent of Europe. The French revolutions of 1789 and 1849 had a considerable influence in shaping Australia’s political system. The British Chartists, many of whom were transported to Australia as political prisoners, contributed to the establishment of the representative parliamentary system.

The Eureka rebellion of 1853 led to the establishment of adult male franchise. The struggle of the British suffragists was reflected in the extension of female franchise – in State parliaments towards the end of the 1800s, and then by an Act of the Federal Parliament in 1902.

So the scene was set for the establishment of a parliamentary capitalist system, which has persisted for 125 years. The two major parties see themselves as a white, Anglo-Saxon, imperialist bastion in Asia with the responsibility of guarding imperialist interests in the region. Their distorted view of Australia’s past history is that the capitalist class is born to rule.

Throughout its more than 100 years Australian governments have, with very few exceptions, implemented foreign policies which bow to the needs of the major imperialist powers – first to those of Britain and now to those of the United States.

Being a US deputy sheriff runs counter to Australia’s long-term economic and political interests.

PARASITES OF THE WEEK: Netanyahu, Biden and Albanese.

The original war crimes tribunal set up in 1945 at Nuremburg dealt with the crimes of aggressors. The act of making war against another country was deemed to be a crime in itself. Nuremburg dealt with crimes against humanity and crimes against peace.

If any leaders should be in the dock for war crimes it is surely Netanyahu, Biden, and Albanese. Israel, the USA, and Australia are clearly waging war against the Palestinians.

Israel is bombing civilian and carrying out genocide.

Waging war on civilians was considered a war crime at Nuremburg.

Israeli bombs deliberately target hospitals, kindergartens, schools, and ambulances; they use cluster bombs with delayed action to maim or kill rescue-workers. Such acts were clearly identified as war crimes at Nuremburg.

Britain and the USA have been waging wars of aggression since the end of WW2, mostly with Australia a kowtowing participant: against the Greek left, against the Chinese Red Army, the people of Malaya and Borneo, North Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Somalia, Grenada, against El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Cuba, Colombia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Iraq, the people of Zimbabwe, and Kenya. That is only a partial list!

They have waged other wars through surrogates, by arming and encouraging right-wing factions, military “strong men” or separatist elements. They have promoted terrorist massacres from Europe to South America.

In their wars of aggression they have promoted racism and the perpetration of inhuman acts.

In Korea, US forces routinely attacked convoys of ambulances heading to and from Panmunjon to carry repatriated sick or wounded prisoners back to the north. They attacked and massacred POWs.

In Vietnam, anti-US villagers were forced from their homes and herded into US-controlled camps (euphemistically called “strategic hamlets”) to clear whole areas of people who could support “hostiles.”

Massacres and murders in all three countries of Indo China were organised by the US as a deliberate strategy for crushing the people’s resistance.

War is the greatest crime against humanity, and the imperialist countries are its greatest practitioners.

Netanyahu, Biden and Albanese; they are the war criminals.

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