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US / Australian hypocrisy off the scale

Dear Comrade Editor,

We are often told that a reason for Australia’s subservience to the USA is that the relationship will help protect a “rules-based order”, but both the US and Australia are very selective when it comes to which rules matter to them.

If China asserts itself, the rules are trumpeted. If Israel ignores UN resolutions, both Australia and their ally/master look the other way or, if they absolutely have to, express concern while still providing money and weapons. The latest version of this is that Australia has appointed a special advisor to look at Israel’s investigation into the air strike that killed seven aid workers.

This is piling procrastination on top of delaying tactics. The Israeli army’s spokesman has justified the attack and then said in the next breath that “due process” has to be followed.

When our politicians go on about this so-called ‘order,’ we just have to look at the news to see whose rules they care about  and in what order.

Best wishes,

P Fermwar

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