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Diaz-Canel: friendship, peace, solidarity, and unity

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Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel inspiring speech.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel inspiring speech.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel made an inspiring speech at the closing ceremony of the International Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba and against imperialism, at the Havana’s Convention Centre, on 2 May 2024, “Year 66 of the Revolution.” We are pleased to present excerpts:

To all of you we would like to thank you for being here in Cuba. We thank you for your participation in the Meeting, in which we share the same sentiment and the same commitment: that of human solidarity, which is also for you with your expressions, solidarity with the Cuban Revolution and with the struggle of the peoples for their true emancipation.

To celebrate International Workers’ Day, as we did yesterday in Cuba, together with representatives of the working class and solidarity movements, and friends of Cuba is a great honour and a gesture of courage. Our heroic people thanks you.

It is also an honour for the Cuban people the significant presence and participation of young people in the May Day International Brigade and in the trade union delegations that visit us.

We also salute the work of the Latin American and Caribbean Continental Network of Solidarity with Cuba and just causes; the approval of more than 100 resolutions against the blockade in the United States; the 40th anniversary of an uninterrupted friendship with the Australian friends of solidarity, who will visit us in December of this year; and also the 30th anniversary of the Canadian Che Guevara brigade, present here.

We acknowledge the valuable work of trade union and solidarity organisations in Europe and the United States to disseminate the results of the International Tribunal against the blockade, which took place in Brussels in November 2023.

We highlight the importance of the continental meetings of solidarity with Cuba, which are planned for this year in the People’s Republic of China for the Asia-Pacific region, and in France for the European area.

Each friend who visits us is further evidence that Cuba is not alone or isolated, but continues to beat in the hearts of millions of women and men around the world.

We distinguish the generous efforts you make to combine solidarity actions with cooperation projects. From here we promise that Cuba will continue to raise the flags of peace, solidarity, and cooperation with the peoples.

In the face of enemy media and subversive actions aimed at provoking a change of regime in Cuba, the vast majority of the humble and working people have demonstrated, once again this May Day, in squares and cities, that they are ready to defend their independence, their sovereignty, their right to live in peace, without blockades, without sanctions and without surrender, without selling out or kneeling down, without renouncing their history and their principles.

This event is taking place at a time of extreme global complexity: there are threats to world peace, war is the language used by the hegemonic powers to resolve conflicts; poverty is growing; the impact of climate change is increasing; there is a depletion of natural resources, and a growing inequality between the poor and the rich, which explains and expresses the limits to which the current International Economic Order has reached. This current International Economic Order must be changed, and this change must also be promoted through unity and solidarity.

CPA president, Vinnie Molina delivers a speech in solidarity with the Cuban revolution at Havana’s Convention Centre on 2 May 2024. The event was attended by Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel.

CPA president, Vinnie Molina delivers a speech in solidarity with the Cuban revolution at Havana’s Convention Centre on 2 May 2024. The event was attended by Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel.

In the midst of the most colossal scientific and technical development of all time, the world has gone back three decades in terms of reducing extreme poverty, with levels of famine not seen since 2005.

Eight hundred million people in the world suffer from hunger. 760 million people, mostly women, cannot read or write.

The so-called Third World has more than 84 million children out of school; there are more than 660 million people without electricity, and only 36 per cent of the population uses the internet in the least developed countries and developing nations.

When turning to financial markets, the nations of the South have faced interest rates up to eight times higher than those of developed countries. About one-fifth of developing economies liquidated more than 15 per cent of their international foreign exchange reserves to cushion the pressure on domestic currencies.

By 2022, twenty-five developing nations had to devote more than one-fifth of their total income to servicing public debt, amounting to a new form of slavery. That year alone, global military spending, as mentioned here, reached $2.24 trillion.

Achieving universal inclusive participation in the digital economy will require at least $428 billion to be invested in our countries by 2030. This demand could be met with just 19 per cent of that annual expenditure on armaments.

Our peoples have a historic thirst for justice. And, in the face of so much uncertainty and despair deployed by the capitalist elites, we need more and more certainty and confidence in the triumph of our ideas, in the triumph of unity and in the triumph of solidarity.

Far from globalising solidarity, friendship and respect, the world resorts to war, sanctions, coercive measures, pressures, blockades, walls and, above all, war and genocide. This shows that capitalism has no answer to the current problems of humanity.

On more than one occasion, we have all pointed out the dangers of the impunity with which Israel acts, thanks to the complicity and support of the US government and despite the serious risks of regionalisation of the conflict in the Middle East, a serious threat to peace and international security.

Only an imperial mentality, an interventionist purpose can deny that peace and stability in that region depend, in the first place, on a comprehensive, just and lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which contemplates the creation of a sovereign and independent Palestinian State on the pre-1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital and guaranteeing the right of return of the refugees to their land.

Together with you, we demand the immediate entry of the State of Palestine as a full member of the United Nations

Cuba has always been in solidarity with the Palestinian cause. Today hundreds of Palestinian students are studying in our country, with them we have a permanent exchange, with them our people have paraded in front of the US Embassy in Cuba demanding an end to the aggression against Palestine. Together with them we have shared talks, debates and also demonstrations of public expression.

We have told those young people that they are also children of Cuba and all Cubans feel like fathers and mothers of those young Palestinians who study with us, who also share the daily life of the Cuban people.

Long live Free Palestine!

Likewise, we express our support for the cause of the Saharawi people who can continue to count on a faithful and loyal friend in Cuba.

We support the cause of the Syrian people.

We also express our support for the young people who are demonstrating today in the universities of the United States and who are being repressed and brutalised by the police

Imperialism persists in its project of domination over our lands finances, and promotes violence, destabilisation, and increasingly engenders hate speeches, attacks leftist and progressive forces and seeks to erase the history of struggle and resistance of the Latin American and Caribbean peoples.

In spite of the sanctions and coercive measures imposed by the United States, in addition to the pressures and blackmail on our nations, the nature of the revolutionary processes in Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua was preserved; the governments of Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Honduras, governments headed by López Obrador, Lula, Petro and Xiomara , together with their peoples, contributed to maintain the correlation of forces in favour of progressivism in our region.

We reiterate once again Cuba’s rejection of external interference and impositions that seek to influence the functioning of Venezuelan institutions and affect the stability and tranquillity that characterise the society of that brotherly country.

We express our recognition and full solidarity support to our Nicaraguan brothers and sisters, who are resisting the media siege and the interference attempts of imperialism and its allies to break their constitutional order.

To the Plurinational State of Bolivia we extend our support and solidarity in the defence of its sovereignty over its natural resources and in the face of destabilising attempts.

We congratulate the Venezuelan people for the development of the new electoral process in a climate of peace and in compliance with its Constitution, for the fulfillment of the electoral schedule despite the threats and actions of the right-wing in complicity with the United States.

The Haitian people have the right to find a peaceful, sustainable and lasting solution to the challenges they face, based on full respect for their self-determination, sovereignty and independence.

Cuba has offered fraternal and disinterested cooperation to Haiti in areas of great impact for its people. Even in the current circumstances we maintain a medical brigade there that provides services to the children of that people in need.

CFMEU delegation receives the Cuban Workers’ Central (CTC)’s Award for Solidarity on 2 May 2024.

CFMEU delegation receives the Cuban Workers’ Central (CTC)’s Award for Solidarity
on 2 May 2024.

We consider that there are two components of this imperial purpose to destroy the Cuban Revolution: economic asphyxiation and media intoxication.

We are not exempt from the consequences of the multidimensional crisis of today’s capitalism. Our situation is further aggravated by the economic, commercial and financial blockade applied by the United States for more than six decades, intensified to the extreme by the administrations of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Both administrations have tried to suffocate our economy while allocating millions of dollars to subversive plans and media campaigns aimed at breaking the national unity around the Revolution and the Party.

Dear sisters and brothers of solidarity:

Cuba has resisted more than 60 years of a genocidal blockade, simultaneous with terrorist attacks and countless actions to destroy the Revolution.

Cuba does not send armed forces or troops to any country in the world to attack; we did it in Angola at the request of the African countries and it was to put an end to apartheid and to achieve independence for those countries. The troops we send to the world are troops of doctors, teachers and internationalist aid workers!

It must be said that social networks have become the biggest hate factory and platform for cultural colonisation by the United States. There is cyber-bullying, incitement to violence, exacerbation of individualism and narcissism; it is filled with slander, perjury, defamation. There is an exploitation of the imagination and of people’s feelings, and, as a famous Brazilian academic – also mentioned by Frei Betto in a conference in January this year in Cuba – says, all those who are users of social networks become at the same time free labor, free raw material and finally merchandise, because all our data are sold as merchandise; therefore, it is also a sophisticated system of exploitation.

You have been able to appreciate in these days, when you have exchanged with labor centres, in cities and camps you have visited, the difficulties we face and the creative and determined effort of our people to overcome the difficulties, and this keeps intact the will to continue building an ever more just, prosperous and sustainable socialist society, an endeavour that receives extraordinary encouragement with the countless displays of solidarity from millions of friends around the world

Today we are living through one of the most difficult moments in the face of the reinforcement of economic, commercial and financial persecution, but the unity of our people keeps us firm in the defence of our social conquests. That is the legacy of Fidel and Raúl and it is our commitment to the present and to the future!

We have set as our priorities to continue strengthening our unity. General Raúl Castro Ruz in his speech on 1 January, on the occasion of the 65th Anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution said that unity was the most precious thing we had and that we had to take care of it like the apple of our eye.

How do we try to strengthen unity? By seeking more participation of our people in all processes and decision making. That is why we are constantly encouraging the creation of spaces where the people raise their concerns, criticise, propose and from there make decisions; spaces where besides proposing solutions, they participate in the implementation of those solutions, and spaces where the people can also make popular control of everything we do together and in which we participate, because that is how we face adversity.

Today we are living through one of the most difficult moments in the face of the reinforcement of economic, commercial and financial persecution, but the unity of our people keeps us firm in the defence of our social conquests. That is the legacy of Fidel and Raúl and it is our commitment to the present and to the future!

Our struggle will continue day by day, week by week, month by month, year after year, until the US Government lifts this cruel, immoral and unjustifiable policy.

Our people deserve to live in peace and equal conditions, to really show what we are capable of advancing and building in Cuban socialism.

We are convinced, and we appreciate it every day in our exchanges with the population, that this country has enough dignity, talent and will to rise above the siege with its own efforts and, moreover, to overcome it.

From Martí, Fidel, Raúl and Che we learned the value of solidarity; we learned to give solidarity and to be grateful for the solidarity you give us.

From here we pronounce ourselves for a No to war, to hegemony, to interference, to coercive measures, to aggressions, to the building of walls and blockades.

Long live friendship, peace, solidarity and unity among our peoples and all the workers of the world!

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