The Guardian • Issue #2099

A global community of shared future

President Xi Jinping.

President Xi Jinping. Photo: UN Photo/Pierre Albouy – (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Humanity refuses to die at the hands of war-mongers and profiteers. The planet and its people are at a cross roads. Capitalism and its blindness are pursuing a no-through road. It is destroying the environment, and is putting billions of people in an unprecedented situation.

It is imperative that a different perspective is found for the survival of the planet and human life as we know it.

War seems normal. The televised genocide of the Palestinian people is a testing ground for humanity. The world is watching, incapable of stopping the daily killings of women, and children at the hands of Israel with the open support of the US and other western countries.

Surely human beings are capable of finding alternative ways to solve economic, political, and military challenges. The unipolar world has failed the people, and it is heading to a catastrophe.

The proposal for a “global community of shared future” makes sense and has become a necessity.

The initiative put forward by President Xi Jinping and the People’s Republic of China is becoming the only option for the survival of humanity, and a way out from the law of the jungle.

It is unthinkable that our children and their children will not be able to enjoy this beautiful planet or live fulfilling lives.

The irresponsible leadership of the most developed western countries are in contradiction with the will of the people. Workers and their families want to be able to enjoy life with the ability to have a job, a roof over their heads, universal access to health, and education and – why not – the right to rest and recreation.

Basic rights like the 8-hour day were won by Australian stonemasons in the state of Victoria in 1856. Other rights were achieved by other workers and people in general across the world.

Why is it that we are allowing life to vanish out of people’s hands?

Another way of life is not only possible but necessary. War and political conflicts can be resolved by negotiation and putting the interest of the community ahead of hegemonic views that prey on the people and the environment.

In reality we all depend on each other. There is enough produced to satisfy every one’s needs in a globalised economy. We must be able to walk away from the interests of the powerful few and embrace a more sustainable world that prioritises the interests of the majority of the people.

China’s initiatives and thoughts for a new era need to be urgently supported. People around the world, Australians included can benefit from more rational and friendly economic and diplomatic relations.

Australia, for example, should take full advantage of the Belt and Road initiative and build fast rail to connect all the cities in this vast continent. Advantageous and mutually beneficial relations for the peoples of both countries are possible.

Australia should put the interest of its people first and develop mutually respectful relations in the Asia-Pacific region, which would in return bring about peaceful relations with no need for nuclear submarines or other offensive weapons.

In a community of shared future, security comes from mutually beneficial relations from the collective. The world we aspire to in this continent and in the region is an inclusive world in which there is no need for billions to be wasted on a military that makes us more insecure rather than delivering a secure future for the people.

We commend the thoughts and proposals for a global community of shared future as presented by the People’s Republic of China. 

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