The Guardian • Issue #2100

Happy Birthday to us!

Front page of Guardian – The Worker' Weekly Issue #2099 20 May 2024. (cropped)

This is issue number 2100 of the Guardian – The Workers’ Weekly. Twenty-one (hundred) today!

As editor, I am proud to be doing this job on this happy occasion. We have produced two thousand one hundred copies of a weekly Communist newspaper, providing news you don’t see elsewhere, humour, culture, and alternative perspectives on Australian and world affairs. The paper comes out in print, and is also available in electronic form from the Communist Party of Australia’s website.

This is not merely a communist newspaper, it is the weekly paper of the Communist Party of Australia, reporting on Party activities around Australia, as well as the Party’s active participation in global forums and bodies, such as the IMCWP, the International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties, and the recent World Peace Conference in Cuba. It’s very apt that this issue has a contribution from Chinese Consul General to Western Australia Long Dingbin. A key part of this paper’s job is providing accurate news on China as well as other countries which are overlooked and/or demonised in most Australian media.

This paper would not be possible without the strenuous efforts of the comrades on the Guardian Collective and our regular contributors, including two very active former editors, Anna Pha, and Tom Pearson, our tireless layout person Hollie Goik, and the very active interest of the Party President, Vinnie Molina. Well done and thanks to all comrades involved!

It’s also very appropriate that this birthday issue for us comes out with an ad for the Melbourne Branch’s coming Guardian Festival. CPA Branches around the country support the paper in many ways, with subscriptions, by selling the paper at events, and by donating to the Press Fund. If you are a satisfied and interested reader, please contribute!

Many happy returns to all readers, contributors, and staff.

Floyd Kermode


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