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Remembering and protesting Al Nakba Perth rally and march

Remembering and protesting Al Nakba Perth rally and march Perth WA 18 May.

Remembering and protesting Al Nakba Perth rally and march Perth WA 18 May.

Over 500 people gathered in the Supreme Court Gardens of Perth to hear Palestinian people speak about the history of their struggle from 15 May 1948 onwards. The Palestinian MC commenced the rally by asking what it means to be Palestinian on the commemoration of Al Nakba (the Catastrophe). On that day, Palestine was wiped from the map and replaced with the Zionist State of Israel. Over 750,000 Palestinians were made refugees, hundreds of villages were destroyed and many people were killed by the Zionist armies (and air force) to make way for the land promised to them by the Allied Forces.

Today, murder, displacement and exile continue. However, the roots of the Palestinian people are much deeper than those who seek to occupy their homeland and they continue the struggle for justice, freedom, and equality.

The first speaker was Amin Ibrahim Mohamed Nayif whose family came from a Palestinian village since by Zionist militias. They were assisted by Israeli air force planes dropping bombs on civilian targets which they later denied, as they do today. Amin was also critical of Arab states which do not support Palestine or worse, support Israel. In Australia Federal and state governments also waged war against the Palestinian people and their supporters by outlawing their symbols including the keffiyeh scarf and their watermelon symbol. Nayif concluded with the chant, “In our thousands in our millions, we are all Palestinians.”

The MC also said that at times it may seem that we are not able to change the government, but it was also important not to let the government change you.

A larger than usual crowd gathered for the march. Other speakers, included one from the encampment at Curtin University who said that the media who did not normally visit the encampment were present that day after complaints from some Jewish students.

The Communist Party of Australia supports the people of Palestine and calls for increased funding for UNRWA, for the Australian governments and all nations to cease military and other support for Israel, support South Africa’s genocide case in the International Criminal Court, impose economic sanctions on Israel and push for full recognition of an independent Palestinian State.

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