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Statements from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

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Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)

The International Court of Justice

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) affirmed that what media reports and press investigations revealed about the occupation’s spying on the International Court of Justice and Palestinian human rights and official institutions is a new confirmation of the nature of the role of this rogue entity within the colonial system, which includes the tasks of genocide, ethnic cleansing, imposing hegemony by force, breaking international standards, norms and laws, and deterring any attempt to apply any measure of justice.

The PFLP explained that this brutal role, espionage and conspiracy missions are the essence of this entity’s project and its function within the colonial system, which enjoys full US support and guidance and partnership with the rest of the colonial system. The Front said that the Biden-Netanyahu partnership of war criminals seeks to impose this bullying on the entire world, flouting all international laws and norms, and the positions of peoples and their support for the rights of our people.

The PFLP stressed that this arrogant entity poses a real danger to humanity as a whole, as it practices a war of extermination, commits all forms of war crimes, and attacks international institutions with threats and espionage. The PFLP stressed that the concerned parties, including international institutions, governments, international judicial bodies and human rights institutions, are obligated to work to inflict the severest sanctions on this terrorist system, as there is no possibility that this entity will comply with their decisions without isolating it and besieging it with sanctions.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine called on supporters of Palestine and believers in justice and humanity to escalate all forms of struggle against the occupier, its supporters and all parties involved in the genocidal war against our people, and to raise the level of solidarity with our people, their just cause and their legitimate resistance.

US-British aggression against Yemen

The Popular Front has affirmed that the US aggression on Hudaydah governorate in brotherly Yemen, which claimed the lives of 16 martyrs and a number of wounded, is a clear expression of the brutality of the US and British enemy in committing the most heinous crimes of bombing cities, destroying facilities and targeting civilians.

The Front expressed its full solidarity with Yemen, its people and leadership in the face of this aggression, emphasising the gratitude of the people of Palestine for what the heroes of Yemen, its people and leadership are doing in solidarity with the resistance and the Palestinian people in their just battle against the Zionist war of extermination.

The Front said that the US administration and the entire colonial system is engaged in a desperate defence of the continuation of the war of extermination against the people of Palestine, and seeks to expand the scope of aggression, killing and destruction against the Arab peoples who are struggling for their rights, freedom and independence of their homelands, while Yemen stood dear, proud and fighting in defence of Palestine and its people, the Arab nation and the peoples of the region, and the values of justice and humanity.

The Front stressed that the United States is leading an aggressive and colonialist alliance against the Arab peoples, imagining that it can impose its hegemony on the region without deterrence, stressing that the resistance forces and their axis stand in the front row in defence of their peoples, their nation and their just causes.

The Front said that condemnation is not enough to comment on the positions of some Arab governments involved in the aggression against Yemen and complicit in the genocidal war against the people of Palestine, as these regimes have chosen to be in the camp of aggression, war criminals and enemies of humanity, against the Arab nation with all its components.

The Front affirmed that the unity of the  blood being shed in Palestine and Yemen is the truest expression of the unity of the peoples of this nation and the living resistance forces in the face of all proposals of abandonment and surrender, stressing its confidence that the brotherly Yemeni people have demonstrated by their positions their great readiness to confront the aggressive American arrogance and adhere to their Arab, moral and humanitarian role in the fateful battle for the fate of the peoples of the region and the Arab nation.

The Front concluded by saying that the blood of the pure martyrs bleeding in Palestine and Yemen, the sacrifices of the heroic resistance fighters, and the steadfastness of the peoples and resistance forces will defeat the coalition of Zionist-American colonialist aggression and open the door to a new stage in the history of the region.

30 - 31 May 2024
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