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Quill and ink .

Don’t delay – it may be too late.

Dear Comrade Editor,

Water and Environment minister Tanya Plibersek’s actions are attracting considerable attention on social media, for the wrong reasons.

She has been cosying up to Gina Rinehart, as can be seen from her approval of a company backed by Rinehart for a coal seam gas project.

While the condemnation online is necessary and justified, the focus is mostly on waiting until election day to have her voted out of office.

This is the soft option.

Surely more kudos is due to the party comrades and others who protested peacefully outside Plibersek’s office some weeks ago.

The more noise we can make before election day, the more it is energy well spent. The news must be made public as quickly as possible (or the noise as loud as possible) so as to allow the electorate time to make an informed decision about the performance of their sitting member.

The ultimate outcome will be decided by the ballot paper. In a democracy that is as it should be. It is a matter of preparation on our part though, to make sure we get the result we want. Has any political party won an election without running a successful campaign first?

In the same way, we must now run our own campaign.

The battle has begun. Or could we perhaps say, the struggle continues?


David Klemm

Not a hero, not our King

Comrade Editor,

There is a case to be made that certain Western countries still operate as “civilisational” extensions of white supremacy and white expansionist ideology, even if they have adopted multicultural systems. This was brought home recently by the revelation that members of the ADF (Australian Defence Force) are dually involved with various extremist racialist and white supremacist organisations. Investigations are ongoing.

This was compounded then by the news that King Charles is to award Ben Roberts-Smith, a war criminal, with a Coronation Award.

This is absolutely disgusting and sickening. Ben Roberts-Smith is known to have killed Afghan children, and at point-blank range, an elderly imam, as well as kicking a handcuffed man off a cliff.

It’s more proof King Charles doesn’t have Australian interests at heart, and should not be our King.

Ben Roberts-Smith is not an Australian. He might be the trophy boy for the Empire and its violent, failing, white supremacist ideology, but he is not Australian.

He isn’t an Australian and he never will be.

Afghanistan is a great country, and the Afghan people are a great people, a great culture with a beautiful history. Afghanistan is now undergoing necessary reconstruction, after decades of imperial war waged on it by the West. Afghan civilisation and deep civilisational culture will continue, and their society will rebuild itself. It will do so by first securing its borders from invasion and closing itself off from the chauvinism of white Western countries.

Long live Afghanistan!

Down with Ben Roberts-Smith!

Andrew, Canberra


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