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Issue #1957

Farmworkers need families, not deportation and exploitation

During the Trump administration, the US deported an average of 275,725 people per year, almost the same number of workers – 257,667 – brought by growers last year to labour in US fields.

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Issue #1948

A remarkable display of People’s Power

The kisan [editor’s note: Hindi for peasant, an agricultural worker] tractor march on Republic Day in Delhi was a remarkable and unique mass action.

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Issue #2017

What is happening in Sri Lanka?

For many outside of Sri Lanka, the political situation inside the nation can be difficult to understand. We interviewed Bimal Rathnayake, a politburo member of...

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Issue #1949

Support the just struggle of India’s farmers

The Communist Party of Australia supports the just struggle of the farmers of India for the repeal of legislation in the Indian Parliament that hands control of farm produce to the transnational corporations.

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Issue #1950

The rot at the heart of our fruit-picking industry

Sunraysia, in Victoria’s north known for its table grapes, vineyards, citrus fruit, and olives. It is a popular working holiday destination, with plenty of work on the fruit blocks for migrant labourers.

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Global briefs Issue #2099


UK: Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths has welcomed the results of local elections which “landed a red card to the Tories and a warning...

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Issue #2022

CPA lunch at the Village Pickle

After many weeks of planning, organising, and discussion, the Brisbane branch gathered at the Village Pickle, a café in the country town of Nambour, north...

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