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Traditional and modern China. Issue #2085

Anti-China economics threaten the world

The mind of the average bourgeois economist at first appears disordered and schizophrenic. But there is an almost orchestrated approach to their anti-China reporting that...

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Show of military air force Issue #2103

Shangri-la an exercise in US coercion and bullying

The Shangri-la Dialogue, a regular international gathering organised by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), has recently concluded in Singapore. Described as a “world-leading...

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People performs Tai Chi at the People’s Square of Urumqi, Tianshan District. Issue #2092

China’s defence budget and the lies of imperialism

China will increase its defence spending by 7.2 per cent in the coming year. Predictably, ‘warnings’ came from the West. The cry is that the...

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Spy. Issue #2086

Op-Ed: Yang Hengjun and the fury of the Australian state

The fury that has been unleashed by the Australian government, state and media following the sentencing of Yang Hengjun in Beijing deserves some thought. He...

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Quill and ink . Issue #2092


Dear Editor, When two China-haters write on ASEAN there can’t be too many expectations of a reasonable assessment of that organisation’s deliberations in Melbourne on...

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NZ soldiers in creek playing war games. Issue #2087

Australia and New Zealand’s ‘seamless’ march to militarisation

The latest step in the militarisation of the Indo-Pacific has been taken. The inaugural ANZMIN ‘2+2’ joint meeting of Australian and New Zealand foreign and...

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