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Issue #2024

War preparations are sparking the growth of an Australian peace movement

The indicators that preparations are being made for war are coming thick and fast. Previous governments have committed close to one-quarter of a billion dollars...

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Issue #2005

Listening to the Solomon Islands: friends to all and enemies to none

The Solomon Islands (SI), with a population of 700,000, has a growing relationship with China. This is a fact and an inevitable trend. In all...

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Issue #1948

Australia fails to commit to nuclear ban

While the US Nuclear First Strike capability remains intact, the threat of global nuclear catastrophe continues to linger ...

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Issue #2013

World beyond war – global peace wave

Over the weekend 25-26 June, people all over the world joined up to protest the continual wars around the globe. Naturally, because of the time...

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Issue #2038

Stop the War

LONDON: The first ever Stop the War Coalition trade union conference held last weekend looked at how to build a bigger peace movement – and...

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Issue #1963

Action hits Israeli arms

Firefighters called to assist police at a protest targeting an Israeli arms factory in Leicester withdrew today in solidarity with Palestinians. Members of the Palestine...

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Issue #1964

Venezuela, Russia and China: the route to a multipolar world

The current global order is experiencing tension caused in the main by US-backed imperial power.

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PEACE NOTES Issue #2037

Peace Notes

By Hannah Middleton Welcome to Peace Notes, a fortnightly column which will cover militarisation and its impacts as well as people’s efforts to ensure peace...

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Issue #2065

Hiroshima Day

Sydney Sydney – walking towards the Defence Department. Hiroshima/ Nagasaki Day 2023, was one of the best attended for years. The bombing of two cities...

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Issue #2030

Let’s rebuild the anti-war movement

There are many Australians currently opposed to the AUKUS pact with all its sinister implications for our country  since it was first handed to us...

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Issue #1964

“From the River to the Sea”, Meanjin rises for Palestine

Members of the Communist Party of Australia Queensland Branch attended a rally demanding an end to the occupation of Palestine by Israel.

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Issue #1964

Australian war profiteers face backlash from peace activists

Anti-war activists in and around the Brisbane region flocked together this week to protest Land Forces.

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Issue #2049

Road to War

As Australia’s most outstanding documentary film maker with 21 films and many awards to his credit, David Bradbury has created another monumental and relevant work...

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Issue #1990

NO nuclear submarines: NO AUKUS treaty – NO war on China

New anti-AUKUS coalitions around the county are gearing up for this weekend (10th-12th December).

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Issue #1979

NO to Nuclear Submarine Madness!

We condemn unreservedly the new tripartite agreement, AUKUS, between Australia, the UK, and the US and the announcement that Australia will have nuclear powered submarines.

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Issue #2041


Friday 24th February 2023 Australian Anti-AUKUS Coalition (AAAC) We say: NO to nuclear submarines NO to east coast sub base NO to AUKUS NO...

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Issue #1971

Stop Talisman Sabre war games!

US-Australian war games, currently being played in Queensland, should be cancelled for compelling security, environmental, economic, and health reasons.

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Protest at HTA building. Issue #2087

Community picket outside Heat Treat Australia in Victoria

On Friday 9 February 150-200 protesters picketed Heat Treat Australia’s (HTA) factory in Campbellfield, Victoria. This factory processes parts for Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Lightning II...

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