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Issue #2044

International Unemployment Day

Like all countries dependent on the export trade, Australia’s experience of the Great Depression was particularly severe. By 1932, the national rate of unemployment had...

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Issue #2062


The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) has welcomed the passage of the Fair Work Amendment (Protecting worker entitlements) Bill 2023. The Bill, which was...

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Issue #2097

ACTU statement on Gaza

The Australian Union movement is a movement of peace and respect for all races and nationalities. We oppose war, racism, and oppression. We act in...

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Issue #2054


It is timely to revisit the cause of the conflict in Ukraine. The issue behind the strife in Ukraine is the fact that the presence...

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Unions WA in Perth, 2017: National secretary of the Australian Council of Trade Unions, Sally McManus, launched the Change the Rules national campaign to reassert the need for fairer laws to protect the wages, conditions and rights of workers. Sally McManus (left) and Meredith Hammat. Issue #2058

Employer scare campaign

A coalition of eight major business groups including the Master Builders Association, National Farmers’ Federation, Business Council of Australia, Council of Small Business Organisations, and...

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Outside of the Reserve Bank of Australia, a solitary man sits. Issue #2053

The facts about wage rises and inflation

There has been no shortage of news headlines, big business and government warnings that a wages breakout will cause inflation: “Teachers’ rise a risk to...

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Large mining truck. Issue #2080

Crying over pennies

While the Closing Loopholes Bill is not perfect, it would go some way to making sure that workers doing the same job would be paid...

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Looking out of a passenger window at the Qantas logo on the end of wing of the plane. Issue #2071

The coming storm

In an important win for union members, the High Court of Australia last week ruled that Qantas’ sacking of 1700 ground and baggage workers was...

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Construction worker with safety helmet and gear on. Issue #2058

Labour hire = Super exploitation

Labour hire has become a business model where workers are paid less and denied rights that other workers have. The Albanese government plans to address...

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Issue #2056

Restore real wages

The Fair Work Commission’s (FWC) decision to award a 5.75 per cent wage rise for those on minimum award wage rates was higher than expected...

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