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Issue #1949

McBride: the making of a whistleblower

“Something would have died inside of me” reflected Whistleblower Major David McBride this week ...

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Issue #2031

CPA: submission to the Defence Strategic Review

The Communist Party of Australia (CPA) is a democratic, transparent and accountable organisation. We are member led and governed by a Central Committee elected every...

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Weasel Words heading Issue #2035


TAX tæks/ We all know what a tax is, don’t we? The government needs money, so they take a slice of your salary, or maybe...

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Issue #2030

“David McBride: declassified” a whistle blower unleashed

There are moments in our lives when we witness someone who has tried to do the right thing to others, to the society in which...

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Issue #1999

ON DEFENCE: ALP and Coalition of little difference

There is little more powerful evidence of how far the Australian Labor Party (ALP) has moved from traditional social democracy than its current policies on...

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Issue #1995

ADF deployed to band-aid aged care crisis

Staff shortages across the aged care sector continue to sink the industry into a deepening crisis. The Australian Government has announced that 1700 Australian Defence...

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Issue #2038

Australian troops to train Ukrainian soldiers

In a decision that will ensure even more death and destruction, the Australian Government has sent 70 Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel to the UK...

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