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Weasel Words heading Issue #2035


TAX tæks/ We all know what a tax is, don’t we? The government needs money, so they take a slice of your salary, or maybe...

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Issue #2030

Let’s rebuild the anti-war movement

There are many Australians currently opposed to the AUKUS pact with all its sinister implications for our country  since it was first handed to us...

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Issue #2021

Energy transition authority critical to creating secure jobs for a safer climate

The ACTU calls on the Albanese Government to quickly establish a national Energy Transition Authority tasked with ensuring that workers and their communities affected by...

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Issue #2020

What Australia can learn from South Africa

It is a sad fact that many countries around the world do not see Australia as a sovereign country, especially in terms of international relations....

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Issue #2026

Federal ICAC introduced to parliament

Last week, the long-awaited federal Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) was introduced to parliament by Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus. According to Dreyfus this federal ICAC will:...

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Issue #2085

Labor’s tax con

Feeling the heat from millions of Australians suffering a cost-of-living crisis and pressure from within Labor caucus, the Albanese government has succumbed by announcing some...

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