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Issue #2036

Wine isn’t the only thing that’s red in the Hunter Region

After nearly a year of preparation and political activity, local workers have re-established what was formerly known as the Newcastle branch of the CPA. Instead...

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Issue #1976

The farce of BHP turning away from fossil fuels

BHP, the world’s second largest mining company, is selling off a lot of its global gas and oil assets to Australian outfit Woodside Petroleum.

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Issue #2071


Mining transnational BHP, at one time known under the jolly capitalist moniker of The Big Australian, has admitted to deducting annual leave from staff entitlements...

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BHP Tower Perth Issue #2056

BHP wage theft

BHP has admitted underpaying mineworkers US$280 million (A$430 million) since 2010 due to wrongly deducting leave on public holidays. The Mining and Energy Union said...

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