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Penny Wong. Issue #2092

Open letter to Foreign Minister Penny Wong

Senator the Hon. Penny Wong Minister for Foreign Affairs PO Box 6100 Senate Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600 Re: Urgent call to Act against genocide....

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Rally for Palestine. Issue #2080

Ceasefire now!

The calls for a ceasefire grow louder and louder as hundreds of thousands of people continue to demonstrate in the major cities around the world....

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Issue #2093

CPA Statement

The Communist Party of Australia has followed the events that took place at Sydney’s Port Botany on Sunday 24 March in which 19 protestors were...

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Rally in support of Palestine. Issue #2079


The genocide taking place in Gaza has not stopped for over 30 days. The death toll in what the United Nations is calling the “children’s...

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Rally for Palestine, Sydney. Issue #2090

Government opposes Palestine ceasefire

Benjamin Netanyahu’s language has gone biblical again. In a statement issued 29 February he repeatedly called for “total victory” and God’s “vengeance,” stressing the support...

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