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Issue #2045

The Swap

Some young people are being educated in silos. They never meet people who are different. Wouldn’t it be great if a few of them could...

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Issue #2061


BRITAIN: The number of construction workers killed in site accidents rose sharply from 29 to 45 last year, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has...

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Issue #2045

President Biden’s new discriminatory immigration policy

On 2nd February 2023, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that of the 998 children detained at the US-Mexico, border under the President...

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Half the Sky column logo Issue #2050


Many people are struggling to put a roof over their head for an affordable price. Current legislation at both state and federal level allows for...

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Issue #2044

School strike for action on climate change

On 3rd March, about 100 mostly school children rallied in the Supreme Gardens in Perth directly opposite one of the principal corporate emitters of carbon...

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Child playing with war toys. Issue #2070

Nuclear subs challenge trains 10-year-old children for war

It’s time for education ministers across the country to show leadership and protect our children from vested interests and pro-war propaganda. On 19th June, the...

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Issue #2013

The systemic failure of child protection services

CONTENT WARNING: Sexual assault, racial victimisation, child abuse, and suicide, involving minors. An investigation conducted by the ABC has found that a staggering number of...

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Issue #2047

US maternal death rate highest in developed world

According to a recent report by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) maternal mortality rose by 40 per cent at the height...

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Issue #2024

“Put children before profit”

Tens of thousands of early childhood educators walked off the job across the country to take part in rallies and marches on 7th September. More...

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Issue #2094

South Australia: Aboriginal babies still being stolen

In an inquiry in March into the removal of First Nations children in South Australia, it was revealed that the Department for Child Protection (DCP)...

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Issue #2019

Bail laws are not fit for purpose

In early August, the Final Report of the Inquiry into Children Affected by Parental Incarceration was tabled in the Victorian parliament. The Report made damning...

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Issue #2034

Fight back against anti-education rhetoric

Pauline Hanson is doing what she does best: pushing bills that further marginalise minority communities that don’t fit into her conservative outlook. This time, Hanson...

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Palestinian boy collect belongings from Gaza ruins. Issue #2084

Sympathy with the Sorrows and Mourning of the Gazan People

Oh infant, Oh hungry Palestinian child , I have seen your thin body in pieces, your pacifier and your doll, your school bag and books...

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PEACE NOTES Issue #2087


Israeli crimes in Gaza are bringing some unpleasant new words into our vocabularies. Two are “unchilding” and “domicide.” The victimisation by Israel of Palestinian children...

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Issue #2015

Policy-induced violence

At least one child is killed by a parent every month; one woman is murdered every week by a partner or former partner; another hospitalised...

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Issue #2055


Child advocacy group, SHINE for Kids, has released distressing findings of a national survey which reveals the suffering and compounding disadvantages experienced by the voiceless...

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Issue #2078

How we treat our children, what it says about us

The treatment of children has a huge emotional pull, with good reason. Children depend on adults for the basics of life. They are more fragile...

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youth behind fence Issue #2044


Australian governments are quick to point the finger at human rights abuses in other countries, but Australia’s record is nothing short of disgraceful when it...

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Girl with Palestine flag painted on her face. Issue #2080

Israel: stop bombing hospitals and stop killing kids

Unionists For Palestine is an Australia-wide cross-union group of rank and file union members. We are organising actions in support of Palestinian liberation. Each group...

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Rally for Palesine, Sydney Issue #2081

20,000 Palestinians murdered by Israel

Almost 15,000 Palestinians have been killed during Israel’s genocidal offensive against the people of Palestine following Hamas’ raid on 7 October. At least another 6800...

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