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Half the Sky column logo Issue #2064


Like many young people born into the online world, I first became exposed to political ideas through social media as a teenager and therefore saw...

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Issue #1968

Loyalty oaths for teachers in Florida’s new red scare

The Red Scare is back in Florida.

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Issue #1964

The “end of history” and the struggle against liquidation

History was proclaimed “ended” when, between 1989 and 1991, socialism was overthrown in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

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Issue #1966

All the questions socialists have about china but were too afraid to ask

In the 1990s and 2000s conventional Western wisdom was that China had long abandoned socialism. But ...

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Issue #1979

A survey of fascism in Australia

It’s 1919. Germany is in chaos after four years of war that ended in a humiliating defeat and surrender.

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Issue #2001

CPA 14th Congress – acknowledgement of Veterans

OVIDIO ORRELLANA Comrade Ovidio Orrellana joined our Party as a secret member in 1985. His whole family had fled the persecution in Guatemala of the...

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Issue #2001

Letter from Denmark

In July of 2020, I was given “special permission” by the border authorities to leave Australia and join my partner in Denmark. For almost two...

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Issue #2013

Queensland comrades organise! – The CPA and the lower-Northern Qld tour

On Thursday the 23rd June, we arrived in Childers, the day commemorating the Childers Backpacker Tragedy. Sixteen young people were burnt to death at the...

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Quill and ink . Issue #2091


Barbarism and Capitalism While proofreading a page for our comrades who produce the Guardian, I noted something that I feel should be clarified for all...

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Issue #2021

60th anniversary of Australia’s involvement in Vietnam

This week marks sixty years since Australia entered the Vietnam war. Considered by many to be a Cold War-era proxy war, the conflict lasted almost...

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Issue #2037

CPA History Website

The party has a website dedicated to its 100-year history. It is called During the Party’s centenary an exhibition was planned. However, the COVID...

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Friedrich Engels Issue #2069

Engels and pizza: Sunshine Coast Branch gets educated

In July the Sunshine Coast Branch of Queensland had its first education class, examining Friedrich Engels’ Principles of Communism. Written in 1847 it was the...

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Issue #2043

The Communist Manifesto turns 175

In Sydney, comrades are getting ready to demonstrate at Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s office against the government’s plan to spend an insane amount on preparations...

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