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Issue #2038

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

For readers who are in a hurry to get to the more communist stuff in this communist paper, I’ll be brief. Glass Onion is an...

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Issue #1957

“Islamo-Leftism” From conspiracy to policy

“Islamo-Leftism,” or Islamo-Gauchisme (in French), is the latest term in French political discourse to demonise the Islamic community and French universities.

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Steamboat Mickey Mouse. Issue #2087

Mickey Mouse – Public Domain

Steamboat Willie, the movie that first introduced Mickey Mouse to the world, is now in the Public Domain and can be used by anyone. An...

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The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe by Daniel de Foe. Cover artist: A F Lydon. Issue #2067

Marx and Robinson Crusoe: British Imperialism and the slave trade

Marxist literary criticism explains a literary work, a novel, through an analysis of the human-social relationships which reflect the economic base of the story, rather...

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Burrup Rock art Issue #2056

Burrup desecration

Could the destruction of priceless 40,000-year-old art work in the great land of Australia ever happen today? The deliberately planned Juukun cave explosion of 2020...

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The Great Omari Mosque before its destruction. Issue #2087

Cultural genocide in Gaza

Gaza’s Tourism and Antiquities Ministry estimates that as many as 104 mosques have been damaged or destroyed since the start of the Israeli assault. Isber...

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Monastery of Saint Theodosius, Palestine. Issue #2097

Palestine and the world

Part one: ‘Palestinian Ambassador speaks’ Issue #2096 29-04-2024 Interviewer: A Carruthers AC: Thinking about the PLO and the various progressive forces in Palestine reminds me...

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Issue #2094


Woodside’s Browse gas (425 km north of Broome) project and North West Shelf extension proposals depend on the approval of the Minister for the Environment,...

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Issue #2037

Awabakal: A Recovered Language

Although we will never know for certain, it is estimated that before invasion there were about 400 First Nations languages in the land now called...

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