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Issue #2026

Strong community challenge issued to NSW and federal governments over their lack of housing vision

The NSW Government is attacking Glebe public housing again. Not satisfied with demolishing public housing in Elger, Cowper, and Franklyn Streets, now they plan to...

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Issue #2041

ALP housing policy is a sham!

In May 2022, the new Labor government promised an injection of $10 billion into the housing sector. In late February 2023, not a single house...

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Issue #1990

NO nuclear submarines: NO AUKUS treaty – NO war on China

New anti-AUKUS coalitions around the county are gearing up for this weekend (10th-12th December).

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Issue #2037

Call for housing justice

Housing is looming as a major election issue in the NSW election to be held in March this year. The housing crisis extends from the...

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Issue #1979

NO to Nuclear Submarine Madness!

We condemn unreservedly the new tripartite agreement, AUKUS, between Australia, the UK, and the US and the announcement that Australia will have nuclear powered submarines.

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Issue #2049

NSW: More people sleeping rough

Homelessness in Sydney has been steadily growing. Years of NSW neoliberal governments have created a perfect storm of conditions that lead to homelessness. It is...

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NATO with a do not symbol over it. Issue #2062


Prime Minister Anthony Albanese attended the summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) in Vilnius, Lithuania on 11 - 12 July. Albanese was present as part...

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Issue #1971

Stop Talisman Sabre war games!

US-Australian war games, currently being played in Queensland, should be cancelled for compelling security, environmental, economic, and health reasons.

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Issue #2050

Public Housing in Glebe saved!

Pro-public housing group Hands off Glebe has been campaigning to stop the sell-off of public housing in Sydney’s Glebe area for years. Now they have...

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Issue #2039

A lesson in neglect and discrimination

Bans on alcohol sales in the Northern Territory were lifted on July 16, 2022. Almost six months later, the media is filled with alarmist stories...

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A picture of a picture, taken at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial museum after the bomb was dropped.. Issue #2063

For a nuclear free Australia

The 6th of August this year is the 78th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Though Nazi Germany was defeated on 8th May 1945,...

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Issue #2059 03-07-2023

The Housing Crisis

After decades of State and Federal neoliberal housing policies, Australia faces an exploding housing crisis. The 26th June Anglicare report on the cost of living...

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Astronaut working outside of craft. Issue #2051

Military uses for Arnhem Space Centre

Last year the Guardian reported on the development of the Arnhem Space Centre (ASC) in north-east Arnhem Land in the remote Northern Territory. We warned...

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Sydney Anti-AUKUS Coalition poster –Submarine and missile. Issue #2054

Give us a Peace Budget

Decaying capitalism is turning the world upside down. Australians are sleeping in the streets and going without food and health care while half a trillion...

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Issue #2051

Selling out Australia

In recent years, former US Navy officials have played critical but secretive roles as paid advisers to Australian governments. Since 2015, six retired US admirals...

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