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Issue #2005

New initiatives to address national care crisis a massive win for women workers

The union for aged care workers, early childhood educators and disability support workers has welcomed today’s announcement that an Albanese Labor government would deliver ground-breaking...

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Issue #2024

“Put children before profit”

Tens of thousands of early childhood educators walked off the job across the country to take part in rallies and marches on 7th September. More...

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Issue #2009

Feet on the ground

After nine years of corrupt, anti-people, climate deniers in office, the newly elected Albanese Labor government faces many challenges. Expectations of real change are high,...

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Issue #2040

Early Childhood Educators – RAISE OUR WAGE!

Early Childhood Educators are demanding a 25 per cent wage rise to address a sector-wide worker crisis that is forcing centres to cut back and...

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Issue #2053

People’s need not corporate greed

The main focus of recent federal budgets was on economic recovery for the corporate sector, focusing on wiping out the budget deficit created by the...

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