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Editorial Issue #1949

Coalition, ALP condemn communism as “Extreme”

On the 3rd of February, the Senate, unfortunately, passed a motion to condemn “all […] extremist groups which seek to promote fascism, communism, anarchism, violence and bigotry in our community.”

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Editorial Issue #1947

Australia’s human rights record is a joke

 Last month, at the UN Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review of human rights, Australian officials faced tough questions over its human rights violations. The...

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Editorial Issue #1948

Massive overhaul on environmental laws needed says new report

Last month, the Morrison government released a once in a decade report of Australia’s environmental laws.

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Issue #2032

We demand more for teachers

Education was one of the industries most effected by the COVID-19 pandemic with teachers experiencing some of the worst workplace conditions with inadequate resources. But...

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Issue #1992

With a new year, the struggle continues

Welcome back readers!

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Issue #2035

Restaurateur first to be criminally charged for wage theft

The Australian labour movement is on the precipice of a major win for workers’ rights in the form of a criminal case brought against a...

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Issue #2024

Remove Alan Joyce

Throughout the pandemic Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has consistently proven himself to be the walking embodiment of corporate greed. Alan Joyce took in $5,575,000 –...

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Editorial Issue #1952

Gender inequality in the workplace

Despite the achievements in the long struggle for gender equality in Australia, significant structural and cultural injustices remain, including widespread gendered violence.

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Editorial Issue #1958

JobKeeper used to profit the corporations, not help people

The purpose of JobKeeper should have been to help keep the working class employed during a once-in-a-century pandemic that devastated the global economy. However ...

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Issue #2018

ABCC stripped to bare minimum

The moves to abolish the anti-worker Australian Building Construction Commission (ABCC) are underway. Last month, the Albanese government reduced the powers of the ABCC “to...

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Editorial Issue #1950

Editorial – Dutton funds favoured, less meritorious projects

One would think that given how big the Morrison government is on ensuring a “fair go for those who have a go” that merit-based programs would be the shining example of this motto in practice. However ...

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Issue #2026

Federal ICAC introduced to parliament

Last week, the long-awaited federal Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) was introduced to parliament by Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus. According to Dreyfus this federal ICAC will:...

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Issue #2028

No more tax cuts for the rich

Australia’s “Labor” Party can be incredibly frustrating to those who don’t want to see a return of the Coalition but who also want serious, progressive...

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Issue #2031

Justice for Cassius

Content Warning: Racial Violence Last month, a fifteen-year-old boy, Cassius Turvey – a Noongar boy – was brutally murdered. It is alleged that Jack Steven...

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Issue #2033

Australia moves closer to ratifying UN treaty on nuclear weapons

As the threat of war continues to loom as tensions rise in Europe, it is the responsibility of every state – to deter as much...

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Issue #1959

Morrison’s hydrogen scheme another marketing ploy

Yet again, the Morrison government is trying to pull the wool over Australia’s eyes. This time, Prime Minister Scott Morrison is attempting to sell the...

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Issue #2023

Nurses strike for better pay and conditions

Earlier this month, Nurses and midwives across NSW went on strike for 24 hours, while maintaining life-preserving care. The demands are simple: The NSW Nurses...

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Issue #2025

An Australia without a monarch

Queen Elizabeth II’s reign was a fixture for the entirety of many Australian lives, she was the personification of the Commonwealth. With her passing earlier...

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Issue #2029

End fossil fuels!

It appears as though climate action has a new, unlikely support from Santos CEO Kevin Gallagher! Speaking to an Australian business community event in London,...

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Issue #2030

West Jerusalem no longer recognised by Australia as Israeli capital

One of the more heinous foreign policy decisions of the former Morrison government has been reversed: Australia no longer recognises West Jerusalem as the capital...

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Editorial Issue #1957

Gov’t spends billions on military, but people get none!

It seems in every facet Australia is inching closer towards transforming into its transpacific cousin, the United States of America.

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Issue #2034

Fight back against anti-education rhetoric

Pauline Hanson is doing what she does best: pushing bills that further marginalise minority communities that don’t fit into her conservative outlook. This time, Hanson...

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Issue #2022

Robotdebt royal commission announced

Last month, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese officially called a royal commission into the unlawful debt recovery scheme known as “Robodebt.” The Albanese government has selected...

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Issue #2027

Landmark UN decision highlights Australia’s climate injustice

In news that will surprise no one, a United Nations Committee has found the former Coalition government to have violated the human rights of Torres...

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Issue #2019

Promising: Workplace reforms on the horizon

In an honest assessment, the Albanese government has come out the gate with a series of important industrial reforms: an increased minimum wage, paid family,...

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Editorial Issue #1955

Under capitalism corporate greed supersedes peoples’ needs

Yesterday JobKeeper ended, and the Coronavirus Supplement will end later this week. These payments have been vital in ensuring that workers can keep their jobs and those already on some form of government assistance get the extra help they need during this once-in-a-century pandemic.

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