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Issue #1949

Ever increasing precarity for public education amidst TAFE funding cuts and privatisation

The Federal Government continues to neglect public Vocational Education and Training, diminishing accessibility for many Australians.

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Issue #1995

Commonwealth pushes to rework national curriculum

Federal Education Minister Stuart Robert has gone public with his belief that school curriculums should be teaching our kids “what it means to be Australian.”...

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Issue #2018


On the back of a decade of campaigning by unions for ten days paid family and domestic violence leave, the Albanese Government has introduced legislation...

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Issue #2011


Welcome to Weasel Words! This is a new fortnightly column where we look at the ways certain words are being used in our society to...

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Weasel Words heading Issue #2019


Are we really a “judeo-christian” society? Does our society really “empower” us? Well it depends on who you ask in this fortnight’s edition of Weasel...

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Issue #1966

Fund public schools!

The disparity between the working class and the wealthy in Australia manifests itself in many ways across the country.

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Issue #2012

Open letter to the Prime Minister of Australia

The Hon Anthony Albanese MP Prime Minister Parliament House CANBERRA ACT 2600 21 June 2022 Dear Prime Minister Albanese, The Communist Party of Australia wishes...

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Issue #1978

McCarthyism on the rise in Australian universities

In Australia’s latest self-sabotaging attack on China, the Morrison government has released a proposal that targets students and academics at Australian universities

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Issue #2003

More support for teachers needed

While the Morrison government acts as if the pandemic is for all intents and purposes  over, workers on the frontlines know that this is far from...

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Issue #2008

Private schools got richer under JobKeeper

To say that JobKeeper was a program designed to benefit the ruling class during the pandemic would be an understatement. As we have seen, Harvey...

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Issue #1969

Teachers demand Federal Government make their vaccinations a “priority”

The Australian Education Union (AEU) wants educators across the country to be considered higher up on the list for those to be inoculated against COVID-19.

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Issue #2002

Budget 2022-23 – CLASS WAR

The budget announced by Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is a pre-election, last ditch, vote-buying exercise from the Morrison government. Voters struggling with rising prices and falling...

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Issue #2009

Feet on the ground

After nine years of corrupt, anti-people, climate deniers in office, the newly elected Albanese Labor government faces many challenges. Expectations of real change are high,...

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