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Issue #1965

Divided we beg, together we bargain: wage strikes in US and Australia

Across the Pacific there’s a peculiar phenomenon occurring. As the latest wave of the COVID-19 pandemic recedes, businesses are struggling to hire workers.

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Issue #2018

Compulsory training of Australians should be condition for migrant hires

The Australian Workers’ Union is calling for a compact between employers and unions that would allow the hiring of migrants to address the skills shortage,...

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Issue #2018


On the back of a decade of campaigning by unions for ten days paid family and domestic violence leave, the Albanese Government has introduced legislation...

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Issue #1949

Ignoring workers: the government’s “recovery” is grim

The underemployed need more hours of work. Low and middle-income workers need a wage rise, job security, and affordable public housing.

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Issue #1997

On the formation of the CPA Logistics and Manufacturing Branch

The Communist Party of Australia Logistics and Manufacturing Branch is proud to announce its formation. We are an industry-based branch of the Communist Party of...

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Issue #1968

Menulog trial marks gig milestone

The Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) has welcomed the commencement of Menulog’s employment trial as an important milestone toward achieving minimum rights and standards in the food delivery industry.

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Issue #1951

A New Accord?

“Governments create the environment that enables business to prosper and create new jobs,” said Anthony Albanese in a speech to Queensland TAFE earlier this month.

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Issue #1948

Direct assault on wages and conditions

While the Coalition’s industrial relations omnibus bill looks very different to the Howard government’s notorious WorkChoices, in effect, it has the same aims.

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Issue #2013

New mutual obligations loom over JobSeekers

Despite criticisms from social services advocates, the new employment service Workforce Australia will introduce a point-based system, which is already confusing and causing fear for...

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Issue #2025

“To give peace a chance, we need to give peace a budget”

On 21st September, the United Nations Day of Peace, the Communist Party of Australia calls for the Albanese Government to step back from war preparations...

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Issue #2027

Multi-employer bargaining win under threat from ALP sell-out

The Albanese Labor government has committed to introducing multi-employer bargaining following a deal with the Business Council of Australia (BCA) at the Jobs and Skills...

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Issue #1960


The Morrison government has created The Employer Reporting Line allowing “employers to report jobseekers for declining or voluntarily leaving a ‘suitable’ job, demonstrating ‘misconduct’ during a job interview, or failing to attend one, and submitting an ‘inappropriate’ job application” (SBS).

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Issue #1997

High Court rulings on employment a double-edged sword

In early February this year, the High Court of Australia decided two cases that radically alter the way that courts and tribunals assess whether a...

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Issue #2059

Privatised, for-profit and punitive

The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) has officially launched a campaign to put an end to outsourced government employment services with the creation of...

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Issue #2062

Voice and action

The Closing the Gap strategy was set up in 2008, as part of Kevin Rudd’s Apology to Indigenous Australians. The fact that Closing the Gap...

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Issue #2039

A lesson in neglect and discrimination

Bans on alcohol sales in the Northern Territory were lifted on July 16, 2022. Almost six months later, the media is filled with alarmist stories...

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Issue #2046

Illawarra renewable energy zone to deliver long-term work

Maritime workers living and working in the Illawarra are excited by the opportunities and long-term industry development that will come from the declaration by the...

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Union rally with flags. Issue #2073

Working future? – Cancel AUKUS

Last month the Labor government released its white paper on employment, Working Future (WF). Its stated objective is “sustained and inclusive full employment.” It has...

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Issue #2043


Two thirds of households face a hit as rising interest rates push up mortgage payments and drive up their rent. At the same time household...

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Issue #2084


It’s the great Australian question. For a lot of Australians the answer is “Not too crash-hot.” Employment is down. Full-time employment is down and part-time...

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Food delivery bikers. Most gig workers must pay their own insurance and cover their own sick leave, annual leave, and superannuation. Issue #2087

Rules for exploitation

Labor’s second tranche of the Closing Loopholes Bill laying down the rules for exploitation, was finally passed on 12 February following Labor’s acceptance of the...

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