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Issue #1983

The Kurdish issue is an issue of equality

A small segment of the population in Turkey possesses enormous wealth, while millions of people are struggling with poverty and unemployment.

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Issue #2012

LGBTQ: A united struggle

On 27th June, 1974 ten brave souls marched from the Department of Justice in St Stephen’s Green to the British embassy in Merrion Road to...

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Issue #2015

Chile’s new constitution recognises Indigenous rights

Chile’s new constitution will make it the third plurinational country in South America, after Ecuador and Bolivia. It is part of the sweeping reforms of...

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Issue #1978

Medal bonuses don’t address ableism in Paralympic funding

On Thursday, 2nd September, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that medalists at this year’s Paralympic Games would get equal payments to their Olympic counterparts for the first time in Australian history.

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Issue #2020


Banks and insurance companies raked in billions according to financial year end of interim results, with CEO pay increasing by tens of millions of dollars....

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Issue #1978

Disabled and Neurodivergent Workers’ Alliance gains momentum

The Disabled and Neurodivergent Workers’ Alliance (DNWA), an organisation of neurodivergent and disabled workers both employed and unemployed, held their first AGM online in late August.

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Issue #1957

Stop black deaths in custody rally – Sydney

On Saturday, the 10th of April, a CPA contingent attended Stop Black Deaths in Custody rally in Sydney.

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Issue #1971

Women in Australian politics meet to address “toxic” workplace culture

Earlier in July, a number of female politicians, staffers and academics met to form the basis of a model for the nation’s parliamentary conduct.

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