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Rally to ‘Cancel Talisman Sabre 23’ held at the Sydney Town Hall on July 19. Issue #2066

Talisman Sabre 23

Talisman Sabre 23 Talisman Sabre 23 came to Australia amid a blast of PR media showing big war machines whipping through the seas along our...

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US soldier in Shoalwater Bay during Talisman Sabre 2011. Issue #2052

Australia-USA exercise Talisman Sabre: Preparing for war in Taiwan

According to the Australian Minister for Defence, Richard Marles, Exercise Talisman Sabre is the largest war game ever held between the Australian Defence Force (ADF)...

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NATO with a do not symbol over it. Issue #2062


Prime Minister Anthony Albanese attended the summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) in Vilnius, Lithuania on 11 - 12 July. Albanese was present as part...

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