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Issue #1991

BHP can’t enforce vaccine mandate: Fair Work Commission

Workers at NSW’s Mt Arthur BHP coal mine have won in the Fair Work Commission (FWC), which ruled on 3rd December that BHP can not enforce a vaccine mandate at the site until it undertakes genuine consultation with workers.

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Issue #2012

Public Sector Alliance mass bargaining meeting, workers Embassy Parliament House – Perth

In mid-2021, unions with members in the Western Australian Public Sector formed the Public Sector Alliance (PSA) to present a united position on a wage...

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Issue #2032

The ALP’s new IR laws: new avenues for action, new shackles

CPA Logistics and Manufacturing Branch The ALP government has recently announced its new Industrial Relations laws. Positioned as a response to workers’ demands to organise...

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Issue #1994

Qantas moves to terminate Enterprise Agreement

Qantas has applied to the Fair Work Commission to terminate its Long-Haul Cabin Crew agreement. The first time in its history that Qantas has tried...

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Issue #2033

Time to break the shackles

Labor’s Secure Jobs, Better Pay bill gives lie to its title. It fails to provide trade unions and the working class with the unfettered right...

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Issue #2012

Workers win historic wage increase in Annual Wage Review

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has struck a strong middle ground with a 5.2 per cent wage hike announced on 15th June. The minimum wage...

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Issue #2043


New research from Australia Institute economist Dr Jim Stanford has confirmed that excessive corporate profits are the main driver of inflation, not wages. The research...

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Issue #2014

Time for a wage rise

The cost-of-living crisis has not abated as households face further economic pressures with interest rates and inflation on the rise. Trade union militancy is on...

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